Why kitty is crazy?

Even cat owners are unable to explain as to the recent change in behavior of their kitty.

All they can do is simply share the odd activities of their cats:

I have a small 14 weeknold kitten, who behaves perfectly usually, cute, sweet and loving, but as sometimes she just gets scared out of nowhere.. The back arches, ears go flat, and she runs around or just away.. I don’t even get why, this could happen after cuddling for 20 min, where she even licks my face or fingers haha

This cat owner laments too:

My cat, Casper, is 2 years old and I recently adopted him (about 3 months ago). In the evening he goes behind my doors and cries at the ceiling. I have no idea what he is yowling at or why he is crying. It is quite distressing bc I have no idea what is going on.

And this one:

I have false teeth and I soak them in a cup in water overnight. My cat has a glass bowl for her water on the counter beside mine, by the sink I leave dripping for her. However, yesterday when I went to get my teeth, the water wasn’t covering the denture. But it was the night before….so, I set her up. Refilled the cup and hid. Guess who began to drink my teeth water? Yup. My cat. Unreal. All I could do was laugh. And get a cover. LOL

To better understand your pet cat, we suggest you watch the video below.

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