When kitty can’t get clean by herself.

This is a basic cat bath video, just to give you an idea how it is done the right way. The owner of the video said:

First and foremost, I would like to specify that cat bathing is not a common practice in my daily life. This video was created as a “How to…” for one of my college classes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Learn how to bathe your cat now!

4 Responses to “When kitty can’t get clean by herself.”

  1. Cyndi Stanley

    Mar 02. 2018

    Every kitten I’ve had I start them out with baths… to get them used to them.. for later…..

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  2. Kimberly Elless

    Mar 02. 2018

    Never bath a cat…

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  3. this poor cat wanted to be anyplace but in this bath x

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  4. Bejal

    Mar 06. 2018

    I need some guidance from the Love and Hisses hive mind. I need a new vacuum cleaner! What kind works best for you? I will be replacing my Dyson (all the plastic is breaking) and I”m not very satisfied with it. I have a lot of woven rugs and a long haired cat with an undercoat that is a combination of cottonwood fluff and cotton candy. It gets EVERYWHERE and sticks like glue. One of my rugs has a white haze on it that I cannot vacuum off. Does any one have a recommendation? The fluffy kitty is new, he was dumped in the neighborhood and I finally won his trust, took him to the vet, and he moved when it got cold. He”s huge (actually, he”s not big, but he LOOKS it), orange and fluffy. Ridiculously fluffy. He has to be part Main Coon. And maybe part Yeti. I”m not sure yet. Everyone who sees him bursts into laughter. Lucky for me, he likes to be brushed with the furminator. If anyone is in Kansas and needs a skittish, but adorable, orange kitty, let me know. My other cats will be happy to crate him up and drive him to a new home.

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