[VIDEO] – I found a 1978 Friskies TV Ad.

 I found a 1978 Friskies television commercial. I was digging through some old footage the other day and came across this absolutely amazing commercial from 1978 from Friskies cat food.

Set to the song “Ain’t we got fun” these two banjo playing cats set the stage for this funny television commercial. Watch and enjoy.

I think some of their new commercials are funny cat videos too.




4 Responses to “[VIDEO] – I found a 1978 Friskies TV Ad.”

  1. Anne Ure

    Mar 30. 2018

    Sara Sara Gregory one for you lol

  2. Valera Whiteley

    Mar 30. 2018

    Very cute

  3. Sonia Moura

    Mar 30. 2018

    Love it.

  4. Helen Mary Hung

    Mar 30. 2018

    Thanks for the laugh… I need it! Love the paw tapping bit. Too cute