[VIDEO] – Two noisy Siamese cats

These two Siamese cats would scare an intruder to death. Turn your volume up and listen to these two Siamese cats talk, or should I say wail.

I swear the sounds are enough to scare anyone. Imagine coming into this house late at night and being confronted by that wail. Spooooky!

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  1. Gail Ormsbee

    Jan 08. 2015

    Give Us our treats!!!!

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  2. Lynn Jowett

    Jan 09. 2015

    If you have never had a siamese cat you have not lived thay are the most loving cat you could ever wish for I still miss mine.rip Sheba

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  3. Patty Drayton

    Jan 10. 2015

    When I played this, my tortie came running from her lair, eyes wide, ears up, tail thrashing & added her voice to the song…I have always wanted a Siamese, but never got one…always met another who stole my heart…

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  4. astrid secreve

    Jan 10. 2015

    I played this great video for my 2 boys ,one is Siamese ( BEAU) ,and one is Burmese( Frankie ), they loved it .I always had Siamese cats ,they the most loveable creatures you can have in your family ,very smart and loyal ,

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