Twas the night….

Twas the night before the Christmas tree went up and Cole and Marmalade are about to rumble. These two, now very famous internet cats, have provide lots of fun and entertainment for anyone who has followed them Youtube.

Now, once again they are here to entertain you.

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5 Responses to “Twas the night….”

  1. Neil Phelan

    Mar 28. 2018

    I love Christmas,
    I love cats.
    Put them together,
    Nothing better than that!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all kitties and cat lovers the world over.

  2. Simone Foley

    Mar 28. 2018

    Love these videos <3

  3. Rhonda Barber

    Mar 28. 2018

    So cute

  4. Carol A. Kaine

    Mar 28. 2018

    So funny!

  5. Sovola Phillips

    Mar 28. 2018

    Been there done that