Train Kitty To Come

How to train your cat to come when you call. It may save your cat’s life one day. Don’t delay, watch this important Video today.

Many people think that you can’t train a cat. Well, they’re wrong. If you know what motivates your cat, you can train it.
Now, training with Fria today is going to be a little difficult because she’s pretty snooty, but I’m just going to see if she has a reaction to her favorite treat bag. That can be a great place to start for coming when called.

4 Responses to “Train Kitty To Come”

  1. Sylvia Hucker

    May 03. 2016

    Mine usually come anyway, not always. They come when called for supper and bed.

  2. Lois Giordano

    May 03. 2016

  3. Lois Giordano

    May 03. 2016

  4. Phyllis Hope

    May 04. 2016

    My Toby the kitty thinks he’s a dog so he comes whenever I call him