Sweet bengal surprise!

Watch the video and have a peak at the sweetest surprise ever! One day, this human was surprised by a very cute bundle of fur – a Bengal kitten! He exclaimed:

We are not sure were he came from but he appeared yesterday in our garden!

A viewer of the video stated he’s one lucky man to have found this one:

Lol , for real who let the kitten in your garden ? I wish to find a kitten like this near me… :/ I wish to have more than 5 kittens anyway… She / he is really cute.


2 Responses to “Sweet bengal surprise!”

  1. Diane Richardson

    Nov 21. 2015

    Awwwwww…..so cute!!

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  2. Charles Mottl

    Nov 22. 2015

    You do know that cats tend to pick there owners???

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