STOP DUMPING DOGS IN THE DESERT!!! WTH is wrong with people???

Date: 2018-06-15 12:30:00

We really need your help – if you can donate $5, please do, and if you can’t, please share this video:

When a Good Samaritan saw this family abandoned on an off road

in the desert (2.5 hours east of Los Angeles), she started feeding them… mom and three babies. Considering that there are so many coyotes in the area, it’s incredible they survived!

One day the Good Samaritan mentioned the family of dogs to her daughter, and she immediately said: CALL HOPE FOR PAWS!

Loreta Frankonyte and I headed out to the desert, and using a cool trick we were able to save all of them!

Something incredible happened on the way back to Los Angeles, but that’s a WHOLE OTHER STORY for anther video 😉

Our friends at ART N’ Paws will handle their adoption, so please visit their website and fill an application here:

Please help us by sharing the video.

Thanks 🙂


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