Snaggle Puss & Snuggles

Meet Snaggle Puss the cat and Snuggles the tiny rabbit. Unfortunately Snuggle’s Mom died when he was a week old. I think you can already guess what happened next.

Yes, Snaggle Puss adopted the tiny rabbit as if it were one of her own offspring.

Just watch this short Video and see how it is working out for all of them.
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9 Responses to “Snaggle Puss & Snuggles”

  1. Lois Giordano

    Oct 08. 2018

  2. Lois Giordano

    Oct 08. 2018

  3. Lois Giordano

    Oct 08. 2018

  4. Sylvia Acker

    Oct 08. 2018


  5. Rhonda Zach

    Oct 08. 2018

    What a wonderful mom.

  6. Debbie Palumbo

    Oct 08. 2018

    The perfect combo

  7. Sandra J Leonardis

    Oct 08. 2018

    A mother’s love has no boundaries

  8. Richard Ross

    Oct 08. 2018

    Awwww,,, This is my PUMPKIN!!!!!!

  9. Karola Montgomery

    Oct 08. 2018

    so cute