Shocking reunion

Page #2 of ” Shocking Reunion”. Thankfully, Jared found Clyde and once again the two kindred spirits were reunited at last!

Incredible reunion of Jared and Clyde! Get out the tissues!! Can you tell I’m crying through out this video? 😉 If you love happy endings, this video is for you! Also, check out the video made shortly before Jared came home of my German Shepherd, Triton–who was heartsick over Clyde being gone. In no uncertain terms, both showed each other how much they had loved and missed each other! 🙂

The story was reviewd by one viewer who shared:

My God this was touching. I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for your willingness to share this and enrich the lives of total strangers with this touching story.. kudos…

This is 100% sure to warm your hearts!

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  1. Pauline Strangemore

    Nov 12. 2015

    I will be like that when Mr Pink is found!

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