For those of you who do not know the Serengeti cat. Here’s some more information for you:

The ideal Serengeti cat is a medium sized cat with long legs. It should be in excellent physical condition, strong and muscular. It should appear as a graceful, statuesque, squarely built cat with a very upright posture. Also noticeable is the long neck that which blends into the base of the skull without tapering. Strikingly large, round tipped ears equal to length of the head are one of the main features of the Serengeti as are its bright, round eyes. They should have a gentle, confident, outgoing and alert temperament.

The Serengeti cat was created by Karen Sausman, owner of Kingsmark Cattery in California and a professional conservation biologist. She decided to create a domestic breed of cat that was partially modeled on the beautiful African serval. However, unlike the breed known as Savannah cats, the Serengeti cats have no serval blood and have been developed from crossing bengals and oriental shorthairs. A project to create the breed started slowly in 1995 and now Serengeti’s are being bred by individuals around the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and even Russia. Serengeti cats are TICA registered and can be shown as a preliminary new breed.

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  1. Diane Richardson

    Nov 13. 2015

    Gorgeous kitty!!

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    Nov 13. 2015

    How beautiful

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    Nov 14. 2015

    Beautiful !

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