Meet the Serengeti cat. Sounds unusual but, this cat has been around for quite some time. The Serengeti cat is a long-legged domestic cat which is medium-boned. They come sporting short and very tight coat with a silky feel. Their ears are very large, rounded, and placed atop their skull. They come in varieties of yellow to gold with widely spaced black spots on their body. You will also find some in solid black, cold grey with black spots, and even in white silver with black spots.

Serengetis are playful and, in the right home, make great pets!

Check them out now!
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  1. Diane Richardson

    Nov 13. 2015

    Gorgeous kitty!!

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  2. Susan Younger

    Nov 13. 2015

    How beautiful

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  3. Christine Pauze

    Nov 14. 2015

    Beautiful !

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