Scene stealer cat just stole the lime light!


George is such a baby! He wants the attention all to himself.
Whenever his human mom is in front of the camera recording a song, he’ll sneak in to steal the ‘show!’
He wants the limelight and all of the attention for himself and nobody else!

Please use the “Next Page” button below to watch funny scene stealer kitty! Truly amusing!

4 Responses to “Scene stealer cat just stole the lime light!”

  1. Sandy Blake

    Mar 08. 2018

    Love that cat! Great voice too!

  2. Clare Rodley

    Mar 08. 2018

    i love George…

  3. Wyl Gaña

    Mar 08. 2018

    Laii Cayanan

  4. Christine Pauze

    Mar 08. 2018