Rescued by fido pal

This story is really amazing and at the same time so wonderful! It can just be a wonder how a puppy can save a creature far different from he is.

A viewer can’t help but comment –

This made me cry. I lost my kitty at only 3 yrs old due to an illness and this reminded me of him so much.. I raised him from a baby too. I hope you and Roscoe (and Opie too!) all live happy long lives together! <3

Another one shared:

Animals’ love is sincere & pure.!!! No hidden agendas there. They will love you unconditionally until the day they die. Animals are our best friends, our family & our biggest fans. I love them so very dearly, and in fact way more than ‘some’ human beings. The Pooch who adamantly refused to leave the little kitten there also knew what is right & what is wrong, much better than some humans….Good for you OPIE…

Watch the amazing rescue now!

3 Responses to “Rescued by fido pal”

  1. Dale Hughes Anderson

    Nov 17. 2015

    Poor baby!

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  2. Deanna Roos

    Nov 17. 2015

    He looks so sweet. So sorry to reead about his hard beginning to life. Hope he does well and finds a loving home.

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  3. Nichole S. Winn

    Nov 21. 2015

    That was precious. Sweet Opie

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