Rescued by fido pal

A two-day old kitten who can barely open his eyes was abandoned by his mom. He was found by an unlikely hero – all covered in maggots! This is the sad story of Roscoe the poor abandoned kitten.

This is his story:

Meet Roscoe the kitten. He was discovered by Opie, a puppy beneath a log. Roscoe was covered in maggots and had yet to open his eyes for the first time.

This is Roscoe’s rescue story. The kitten abandoned by his mother, rescued by an unlikely hero, a dog.

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3 Responses to “Rescued by fido pal”

  1. Dale Hughes Anderson

    Nov 17. 2015

    Poor baby!

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  2. Deanna Roos

    Nov 17. 2015

    He looks so sweet. So sorry to reead about his hard beginning to life. Hope he does well and finds a loving home.

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  3. Nichole S. Winn

    Nov 21. 2015

    That was precious. Sweet Opie

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