5 Siamese kitties at play

A volunteer shelter worker takes time out just to let these five super cute Siamese kittens play with her shoes & laces. Thank goodness for all the volunteers who help out at the ... Continue Reading →

Hang in there Baby.

Watch the efforts of this little kitten trying to jump up onto the stand. Not sure if the ginger kitty, already on the stand is offering help or maybe just giving a little push to ... Continue Reading →

A Frozen Miracle

On a cold Thanksgiving morning, Branden Bingham and his family stumbled upon a seemingly frozen kitten buried in the snow. In an attempt to save his life, they rushed inside and began ... Continue Reading →

Purple KItten

This is an almost unbelievable story about a cat named ‘Smurf’ who was dyed purple and then purportedly used as a chew toy for a dog. After being rescued he appears to ... Continue Reading →

Simon’s cat on catnip

Catnip as a Christmas gift may not be such a good idea. Watch and see what happens in this Video and it may make you think twice. Before you let your cat get high on catnip this year ... Continue Reading →

Awkward sleeping positions.

[VIDEO] – Cats enjoy the most awkward sleeping positions. Have you ever noticed some of the really weird positions cats and kittens contort their bodies into to go to sleep? This ... Continue Reading →

Great Dane and Rag Doll cat….

Great Dane puppy may be a slow learner. This five month old Great Dane puppy may be a slow learner or he may just be trying to make friends with the Rag Doll cat that wants no part ... Continue Reading →

Are Siamese cats really this unfriendly?

Anyone who watches this Video may come away with the impression that Siamese cats are not very friendly. To some degree that argument may be true of many Siamese cats and kittens. This ... Continue Reading →

Tears flow as lost cat returns home

Until you have lost your cat I doubt people can fully understand the reaction of these two children upon the return of their beloved kitty cat after being missing for eight weeks. Here’s ... Continue Reading →

Cats Rule – French Bulldogs Drool

Supremely confident cat steal bulldogs bed. And…. won’t give it back. Why…. because the cat can!! This Video is another perfect example of how cats get away with ... Continue Reading →

One Bossy Kitten

Meet Bishop, a three year old Doberman and Sophie a two month old Kitten. Sophie has decided that regardless of the age difference between her and the house dog, she is going to be ... Continue Reading →

Say Hello to Rocket – rescued minutes before being put down.

Introducing Rocket, a very young kitten who almost did not get a chance at life at all. Discovered in a granite yard this young kitten was on route to the animal shelter for help when ... Continue Reading →

The Four Mouseketeers

  What happens when four very young kittens learn to walk and dance? These four kittens are putting on one hell of display of their dancing and fighting prowess.  While Mama ... Continue Reading →

Baby Kitten – Baby Kisses

This adorable teeny tiny young kitten is enjoying a good cuddle and kiss session. This very short Video draws oooh’s and aaahhh’s from most people who watch it. That’s ... Continue Reading →

Ooouch! Did he do that on purpose?

Kitty found out the hard way that cats and hedgehogs do not make good cuddling pals. Here’s what the cat quickly learned – hedgehogs are prickly and they can poke! Hedgies ... Continue Reading →

Cricket and Chewbacca

Recently we posted a video to Facebook that made people ask for more videos about the sweet little Persian kitten named Cricket. Here’s another Video of Cricket with his sibling ... Continue Reading →

The mattress cat is back where he belongs.

Food was the final solution in capturing Camo, the unfortunate cat who escaped after being unknowingly sold inside a mattress. Seems this chap, Roy, sold his girlfriend’s mattress ... Continue Reading →

Meet Chimera

This Video places Cricket and Chewbacca’s sibling named Chimera in the spotlight . These adorable 4 week old shaded golden Persian kittens are learning early on in life how to ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ads

Have you noticed how more and more television commercials are featuring our fury feline friends? You know, more cat in their ads. Well it’s true. Madison Avenue has finally realized ... Continue Reading →

The many faces of Roodi

The many faces of Roodi the wonder kitten. I found this video on YouTube in Dr Nworb’s KitsCats channel. It’s all about a fun little black and white kitten named Roodi. ... Continue Reading →