Safe and sound in mama’s arms…

Mama cat’s kittens have strayed away. What she did was to look for each of her kittens and pick each single one of them up and carry it to a safe place. When she was able to ... Continue Reading →

Tumbelina – disability beaten.

Do you remember the story of Tumbelina? She’s one of a number of cats born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This horrible condition effects her motor skills and her ability to walk ... Continue Reading →

Kitty licking like crazy but is actually missing it!

  Kitty loves to lick his body, as all strict feline groomers do. But this cat is not getting the job done at all! He just brings out his tongue acting out the licking and ... Continue Reading →

Kitty & Bunny BFF…

True love is unconditional. It looks beyond appearance, any frailty, or flaw. It’s a universal language that applies not only to humans but even to animals when you least expect ... Continue Reading →

Cat adopts teacup potbelly piglet

  Meet Stewart, the adorable teacup potbelly piglet who was adopted by a loving cat mom whom he loves to snuggle and be cozy with 24/7! In this home video footage you can see the ... Continue Reading →

Kitty Season

This Video explains what “Kitty Season” means. What it is all about and how you can help if you are interested. Maybe you have heard the term “kitten season” – but ... Continue Reading →

Ellen loves cat videos

If you don’t watch Ellen on television with some regularity, you may not realize just how many kitty videos she shows on her show. This snippet from one of her shows displays ... Continue Reading →

Old Friend

Old friendships are strong and lasting. Watch what happens when this Mama cat takes her young kittens to visit an old friend. Now, it just so happens that her old friend is a rather ... Continue Reading →

Ever had a cat laugh at you?

When this Siamese cat does not like what you say, she will laugh at you. Very pretty cat has quite a chuckle at her owners expense. She does this whenever she disagrees with what ... Continue Reading →

Do Not annoy this cat

This woman found out the hard way that this cat has a breaking point and if you annoy her too much she WILL react. And react the cat did. When this woman continued to kick snow into ... Continue Reading →

Two extremes of human nature.

5 Kittens rescued from trash bin. This Video and the news story clearly shows us the two very different sides of humanity. On one side you have the uncaring individual who abandoned ... Continue Reading →

The kitty contortionist!

What is it with cats and their fascination with empty boxes and really small spaces? People might not get it, but cats really love boxes and small spaces that they can sneak into and ... Continue Reading →

Seal Mink Ragdolls

What a beautiful litter of Ragdoll kittens. These are Collie’s 5 mink boys in mitted, lynx and bicolor. They are just a few weeks old here, so tiny and so loveable. Please use ... Continue Reading →

Kitty does not like this music…..

Look what happens to this guy when he removes the cat from it’s favorite chair and starts playing his guitar.  The old saying “What goes around, comes around.” sure ... Continue Reading →

Beg and you shall receive.

Taro knows the way to get the things that he truly wants. How? He begs for them… Who would not melt to this kitty who knows how to politely ask for whatever it is that he needs? Here ... Continue Reading →

Cat knows sign language.

Chico is a kitty with very special needs, he is totally deaf and cannot hear the normal conversations owners have with their pets. But, he has never been allowed to feel different ... Continue Reading →

Felines love babies

These felines can’t help it, they simply love their little humans to the moon and back! They simply can’t get enough of them. This Video Compilation of babies enjoying ... Continue Reading →

Trimming cat claws

Trimming your cats’ claws is important, especially if your cats love to scratch furniture and other essential home implements. To avoid this problem, you have to know how to trim ... Continue Reading →

Kitty popping water balloons.

This is a case of one curious cat. This pet’s owner made several colorful water balloons in preparation for the July 4th celebration that day. The festive looking water balloons ... Continue Reading →

Jasper can’t get enough of his human…

Meet Jasper the very affectionate kitty who just can’t get enough of his human. Jasper is a rescue cat who is currently 7 months old. He gives his human a daily dose of loving ... Continue Reading →