Mom to the rescue!

A curious kitty can’t get to climb a flight of stairs. Good thing, mommy cat is to the rescue. She will not leave her hapless, helpless baby kitten ever!

Prepare to say – ‘Aaaaaw,’ at the end of the video…

Please use the “Next Page” button below to watch mommy kitty to the rescue of baby kitten as she tries to climb the stairs!


25 Responses to “Mom to the rescue!”

  1. Wendy Northey-Crowley

    Dec 18. 2017

    Mommy will make sure xoxo

  2. Margaret Craven

    Dec 18. 2017

    shes removing them from the nasty scary dog

  3. Carol Ann

    Dec 18. 2017

    Good old mom

  4. Sandra J Leonardis

    Dec 18. 2017

    Momma love!

  5. Furtive Knave

    Dec 18. 2017

    So adorable

  6. Ernest Martinez

    Dec 18. 2017

    mothers loves

  7. Christy Foltz

    Dec 18. 2017

    Will the b**** I have in my house never saved her babies I did I teach them to climb up down the steps I’m the one who got them2 use the kitty letter box

  8. Susan Younger

    Dec 18. 2017

    Love it, kitty so small raising her fur and hissing, as for mum puss taking baby upstairs, it’s a miracle she didn’t bash his brains out on each step. Comical

  9. Paul Baker

    Dec 18. 2017

    to cute

  10. Laurie Tan

    Dec 18. 2017

  11. Sharon Elaine Hilton

    Dec 18. 2017

    Rayeanne Streets

  12. Kathy Voros

    Dec 18. 2017

    Mothers do we ever stop I don’t think so thank God for us we never stop❤️

  13. Sibilla Parisi

    Dec 18. 2017

    Sooo aforable

  14. Shirley Grunwald

    Dec 18. 2017

    Afraid of the Vet, that shot the cat,where is she.

  15. Jeanine Young

    Dec 18. 2017

    Gorgeous Kitties !!

  16. Ann White

    Dec 18. 2017

    How sweet xx

  17. Catherine Lynne Hurst

    Dec 18. 2017


  18. Diane Monroe

    Dec 18. 2017

    SO ADORABLE thanks for sharing

  19. Heidi Klusman Lisa Deming-Christie

    That’s the cat I saw on our deck several time. Possibly Coco’s rapist LOL!

  20. Janice Adams

    Dec 18. 2017

    cute pickup mouth cat help goodidea

  21. Denise Cook

    Dec 18. 2017

    Kylee Ann Taylor Katie Ayres

  22. Natalie K. Corwin

    Dec 18. 2017

    Mamma Cat is there to help the little one.