Mama cat hugs!

Cats are generally loving and sweet creatures, cat owners can attest to that. There are however cats, who according to some that can be aloof and indifferent.

But, as kittens, they demand so much attention from their moms:

Cats have mastered the fine art of aloofness and detachment. Look up “whatevs” and “pffft” in the dictionary, and you’ll see pictures of cats. The point being, if cats have deep feelings, we’re usually not privy to those deep-seated emotions. Unless, of course, they’re kittens vying for the affection of their mother, like the wide-eyed trio shown in this clip.

This is love like no other!

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  1. Almosh Shmbo

    Nov 10. 2015

    أجمل مخلوقات الله يحميها من الإنسان الظالم

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  2. Christa Haynes

    Nov 11. 2015


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