Lucky, Lucky Kitten.

This is one very, very lucky kitten. Just watch how it is rescued from the middle of a very busy intersection. How it never got killed is a miracle. The lady on the motor cycle uploaded the helmet cam video to YouTube and said:

Still shaking! Thank you to the mystery lady that helped and all the people that paid attention and stopped, it was very appreciated. Kitten turned out to be a he, and is resting safely now.
To clarify, the red car absolutely, 100% did NOT throw the kitten out of the car. It is very hard to see in this video, but on my computer it is very clear, Skids came from underneath the vehicle. He was probably up there for warmth. So please, PLEASE! Do not initiate a witch hunt – the red car is NOT at fault here!

Watch the Video and be thankful for kind people like this lady.


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