Kitty Sings When Scratched!

In this funny manipulated video, you will see a funny, one of a kind kitty where he is singing whenever he gets scratched. You will surely love to see this cute and funny kitty video.

A must-see kitty video, do not miss it now!

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6 Responses to “Kitty Sings When Scratched!”

  1. Rhonda Zach

    Nov 20. 2018


  2. Stuart Johnstone

    Nov 20. 2018

    Jade Heron that video again

  3. Yvonne Harson

    Nov 20. 2018

    Yes there is a wee ” itchy” spot at the base of a cat’s spine.

  4. Dorothy Howell

    Nov 20. 2018

    Here we go again: “next,” arrows, and “next page” all lead to ads, no amusing cats. I never learn.

  5. Rory McCallum

    Nov 20. 2018

    I hate when people do that. Are they fn stupid?

  6. Lucy Glisson

    Nov 20. 2018

    Kyle Hinton