Kitty crazy!

Like humans who have some ‘crazy’ days, cats experience the same roller-coaster of emotions and they all end up being ‘kitty-crazy’ at some point in time. This kitty certainly does anyway!

Have a look at Nikita in her hyper and kitty crazy mode! Please use the “Next Page” button below to watch kitty crazy Nikita!

3 Responses to “Kitty crazy!”

  1. Valerie L Frye

    Jan 07. 2017

    My kitten jumps about that high! and tries to climb up the walls!!

  2. Patrizia Maier

    Jan 07. 2017

    Micah Fitch omg hahahaha

  3. Novrielda Betriyana

    Jan 07. 2017

    My kitten run so fast from room to room, looks like she’s flying.