Kitty bubble bath!

Hope you enjoy Pancake’s video!  Pancake’s human shared:

Since our first grooming video on nail clipping (… ), we have been receiving e-mail requests for tips on how to bathe kitty. Lately, it has been shedding season for Pancake, so we took this opportunity to create a video of him taking a bath. We are not professional groomers, but we hope this helps others.


2 Responses to “Kitty bubble bath!”

  1. Megan Babcock

    Feb 14. 2018

    I had a cat that LOVED water, I had a slow draining shower and he used to jump in as soon as I opened the door, and would chase stray bubbles as it drained, When it emptied, he look at me waiting for more water, lol

  2. he does not like a bath what a beautiful cat x