Kitty bath!

Cat folks who were able to watch the video are fast to leave their comments, here are some of them –

…For some reason…I find them adorable. Even though they’re hairless they actually look cute xD


Omg they’re so cute!!  really don’t understand the people who don’t like them..

Finally, this one said:

Agree on all points they are the cutest my friend said the are just cats that are very ugly!I said nope and jack slapped him in the face.

Take a look at this cuteness overload!

3 Responses to “Kitty bath!”

  1. Diane Richardson

    Jan 22. 2018

    Too cute!!

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  2. Yvonne Lenger

    Jan 22. 2018


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  3. Eddie Reyna

    Jan 22. 2018

    Cute cats

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