[VIDEO] – Keeping Orphaned Kittens Clean.

Keeping Orphaned Kittens Clean.

A kitten orphaned at a young age without a Mama cat to teach it how important it is to keep clean, will need some specialty bathing on a regular basis. Here’s a great Video explaining just what’s involved in raising an orphaned kitten when it comes to kitty’s cleanliness.

Orphaned kittens are messy, and without their mother can become covered with stool or food very quickly. Spot baths are best for kittens, but sometimes a full bath is necessary. In this video, caregivers will get tips on giving spot dry and wet baths as well as full baths, including how to avoid chilling.


For more information about this and other videos about orphaned kitten care, please visit http://www.maddiesfund.org/

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