Hungry Bengal

Mia can’t simply get enough, for she always want more. Despite the small frame, Mia is a voracious eater.

A viewer of the video shared a useful info on Bengals and their eating patters:

Your comments section is such a great resource for people. Feeding a raw diet isn’t a possibility for us right now but I researched heavily when I got my Bengal, who is now 2.5yrs, bc she was always hungry even on regular grain free food. I ended up getting Orijen which is all about natural, locally sourced whole food (with bone). I’m so happy with it I just wanted to share (and no I’m not getting paid to say this lol) I’m now feeding my three cats (2.5yo Bengal, 8mo Savannah and a 3+yo Maine Coon mix) Orijen’s Regional (buffalo, bison etc) daily with Weruva at night. They’re happy, very healthy and growing strong. I do have to watch my Maine coon, as you might any non-hybrid or higher metabolism cat, because Orijen is high in nutritional content. If you can’t do raw, the channel owner is absolutely right that if you can’t do raw, a grain free diet is the way to go and I just wanted to offer a lesser known, but fantastic company.

Watch a funny hungry Bengal kitten now!

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