Here’s What to Do If Your Cat Pees Outside the Litter Box.

There are many reasons a cat will pee outside the litter box and one of those reasons might just be the cat’s way of trying to communicate an issue to their owner. Lots of cat owners give up in defeat over this and some even decide to give their cat away or even disown them. What these owners need to know, is that this behavior can be curbed and dealt with, if they simply try to understand and listen to the cat. Cleaning the urine thoroughly is critical, since cats can have such a keen sense of smell. If the cat is constantly soiling in a specific area, it is very likely that the spot had been soiled prior, by another cat or by the same cat. After cleaning the area, it would be a wise decision to cover that spot with some furniture or something that would prevent the cat from having access to it again.

My first recommendation or step in trying to correct this issue, is to have the cat checked out and evaluated by a veterinarian. If this is a first time situation or occurrence with inappropriate urination, it could be that the cat has a urinary tract disease or some other kind of disease, that may be causing or contributing to the problem. Another aspect to take into consideration, is the proximity of both the litter box and the cat’s elimination with regards to the distance between the two. If it’s a case where the cat is doing its business right beside the litter box, this could mean that the cat might not like the kind of litter or the box. Issues relating to the actual box, could be that it is not clean enough, it could be too small in size, too tall which causes accessibility problems or it could just be that the cat doesn’t like the kind of litter being used.

A strategy or technique to use for these kinds of problems, would be to set up multiple litter boxes and then to alter some part or aspect of each one. Ideally, you would want to try out some different kinds/brands of litter in each one or you could change-up the size or style of the actual cat box. This would create more variety for the cat when choosing a desired place to eliminate in. It is important to examine this process and to take note of the cat’s overall preference, as well as its dislikes, that can be inferred. When trying out this strategy, it is good to attempt it for about a week or so, to be able to really analyze and evaluate the cat’s needs. It is also very important, to always keep a clean and fresh litter box for your cat, which means frequent scooping and changing of new litter within the box, as well as washing out the actual box every so often.

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  1. Charlene

    Nov 11. 2017

    This is very true, cats tend to urinate in the same area over and over if it is not cleaned properly. I thought I was using the right cleaning method until I read what to use and what not too use

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