Good News Rescue


Good News Story. Kitten Rescued. Page #2 Watch the Video of this little rescued kitten and below the video is the full story posted with the original video on YouTube.

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We found this little kitty abandoned at the outskirts of a village. She was struggling to make her way through some thorn bushes. Seeing us, she started to desperately run towards us. A small being… running, barely keeping her balance and crying. She knew that, even if humans doomed her, they were the ones that could rescue her. We couldn’t think of anything else. All I know is that the next moment the little cat was in my arms. She calmed down. She knew somehow that she was safe now.
Then we started to call our friends, our friends’ friends… But nobody wanted a cat. Eventually, we managed to get in touch with an Animal Rescue Association, from Slatina-Olt. They said they would do their best to help us. We waited.
The cat was very skinny and scared. After a few days she started to gather strength, getting calmer and more confident. That poor little being got very attached to our dog, probably considering him her mom….
And then the phone rang: the cat had a chance. A volunteer from that association offered herself to keep the cat in foster until someone would finally adopt her.



2 Responses to “Good News Rescue”

  1. Lucy Figueroa-Coca

    Jan 08. 2017

    Bless u for saving him

  2. Christa Haynes

    Jan 08. 2017

    God bless you for saving this poor soul