Garfield loves snuggling with human dad!

Cats are the sweetest, they will often come near you and crave for your attention 24/7. And they love to snuggle! Garfield is evidence that cats are simply the sweetest animals in the world!

Ahh, life couldn’t get any more purr-fect than this!  Please use the “Next Page” button below to watch Garfield, the sweetest cat!


3 Responses to “Garfield loves snuggling with human dad!”

  1. JoAnne Thompson

    Jan 07. 2017

    He is so sweet

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  2. Connie Brown

    Jan 07. 2017

    All that love shown in that cats eyes towards his human owner really touched my heart! You’d better take special care of him, cause he Really loves you!!!

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  3. what a wee cutie i hope this humans gives this cats buckets of love x

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