I saw this video on YouTube and went looking for more information. I found the original story on the Nebraska Humane Society website. The dangers that cats face when left outdoors is clearly shown in this story. While this kitty survived many don’t when left out in the frigid cold.

Last Sunday morning, during the bitter cold, a good Samaritan looking out of her window, noticed a mother cat working to get something out of a suburban Elkhorn storm drain. When the cat couldn’t accomplish her task, she stayed by the drain, pacing and agitated. The good Samaritan threw on a coat and went out to check.

“I was horrified!” she said. “The mom’s kitten was dangling in the storm drain by one back foot, which was frozen to the concrete!”

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7 Responses to “Frostbite”

  1. Elizabeth Dyce

    Sep 27. 2018


  2. Karen K. Ankers

    Sep 27. 2018

    This little girl is in her furever home now. Her name is Princess Ana. She had been trying to save her babies last winter when she succumed to sickness and cold. She had delivered two of her babies to the front steps of someones home and was probably on her way to get the rest when she collapsed on the sidewalk. The homeowners found her in the morning frozen to the sidewalk. They had to use warm water to get her off of the sidewalk. Sadly, the babies did not make it. Princess Ana is a survivor. She lost her ears and her eyes were also frozen so she has seriously impaired vision. She is the sweetest cuddle buddy.
    Although she has a sad past, she has a wonderful future.

    • Karen K. Ankers

      Sep 27. 2018

      She came to me as a foster. Purely temporary. I am happily a foster failure. She is by my side 24/7.

  3. Lois Giordano

    Sep 27. 2018

  4. Lois Giordano

    Sep 27. 2018

  5. Diane Richardson

    Sep 27. 2018

    So glad this beautiful little will have a wonderful future. God bless her and the people who rescued her!!

  6. Sherry Ogan

    Sep 27. 2018

    Thank you and God Bless the person who rescued her.