Friendliest cat breeds

There are several friendliest cat breeds of all time, some of them includes the: Somali, Maine Coon, Abyssinian, Sphynx, and more! Check out if your favorite cat breed is included in the list.

The people who watched the video had their fair share of favorites, one of them said:

I had a doll faced persian since I was a baby, she passed away, we got another dollfaced persian, she passed away too because of a heart disease common in Himalayan cats. They were the most gentle, patient cats EVER. My first kitty, Babet, was VERY patient. I was a toddler, picking her up and hugging her hard, she barely flinched. Second cat, Charlotte, was SUPER snuggly. She was wary around strangers, but other than that a docile cat. If you’re thinking about getting a Persian, they’re ultra great cats, just be warned because their hair is SO annoying! 😛

Check out the friendliest cat breeds of all time now!



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