Felony Cruelty Charges

More cases of cat hording are reaching the courts with owners being charged with felony animal cruelty. Good intentions sometimes go horribly wrong. Like starting to look after 5 to 10 stray cats who multiply into dozens and sometimes hundreds like this case from Florida.

A Marion County pet owner is facing the possibility of a lengthy prison sentence. The woman, who lived with more than 100 cats, said she did nothing wrong.
“I didn’t know how many there were, I just fed them and took care of them as best I could,” Diana Danraby said. “Sure, sometimes we starved to make sure the cats had food.”
Darnaby’s 102 cats were seized by Marion County Animal Control last week from her Summerfield home, and a shed she and her husband built to care for them.
Friday, she got the paperwork with photos of the cats, notifiying her that 60 of them were euthanized.
“That was Lucky,” Darnaby said pointing to one of her favorites. “How lucky was he? Here they put euthanized.”
“Many of the cats had severe respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, hookworms, roundworms and earmites,” Marion County spokesperson Elaine McClain explained.


More info at http://sostrenews.com/owner-of-102-cats-charged-with-felony-cruelty/

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