Excited to say ‘Hi’

This is the first ever meeting of Jumbo Pillow, an Exotic Shorthair kitten and Cooper, the new kitty on the block. Their human shared the following:

Introducing our new Exotic Shorthair kitten, Jumbo Pillow. He is named for his size despite being only 6 months old (he’s already as heavy as the other adult cats in the family) and his plushy soft, white body. After Jumbo was isolated for some time and cleared by a vet, we introduced him first to Cooper, because Cooper is usually the friendliest furbaby. Jumbo is surprisingly vocal for an Exotic Shorthair, and can be seen excitedly talking in this encounter.

It was a pleasant meeting overall and even viewers to the video are so happy, they shared:

Omg,Jumbo was the cutest kitten ever…I can’t stop watching this video. Ur soooooooooooo lucky!

Your videos make me want to get an Exotic Shorthair as soon as I’m ready to own a cat. They seem so lovely. Jumbo has such a sweet little voice, too.

Watch and Enjoy!

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