Endangered Leopard Cub

From time to time we come across a Video about a large cat breed animal. Sometimes it’s about a full grown tiger or lion and other times about a cub that’s only a few days old for example.

This Video is about a fairly rare clouded leopard kitten who’s just 3 weeks old. When they are this small they look so cute and adorable that it’s hard to imagine they could grow up into wild animals.

This adorable clouded leopard kitten loves nothing more than a bottle – but is not a huge fan of bath time. The three-week-old is now one of only 10,000 clouded leopards left on earth and is being hand reared to prepare him to mate. The cute kitten who is yet to be named weighed only 300 grams at birth but has now more than doubled in size to 810 and has his eyes fully open. He can now crawl along on his front legs and should be strong enough to move around on all four in a couple of weeks. He can even roar a little – particularly around feeding time – which is every four hours.

Take a moment or two just to watch this Video, it is absolutely adorable.

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