Dusty Rescued

It has been quite a tough week for Dusty, but here she is looking healthy and happy after being rescued by firefighters. You would not beleive where Dusty got her head stuck unless you saw it. This Video shares the story of another succesfull rescue. We really do call on our firemen to perform miracles sometimes, not only for us humans but our pets too. Good job everyone.




9 Responses to “Dusty Rescued”

  1. Roberto Alas

    Apr 10. 2018

    God bless everyone

  2. Jeanne Treadway

    Apr 10. 2018

    Poor little goofball. Thank you thank you, each and all.

  3. Kelz McKoy

    Apr 10. 2018

    Thank goodness they were rescued and hope they are doing much better

  4. Neil Phelan

    Apr 10. 2018

    Such pretty little girl. Thank God for firemen and veterinarians!

  5. Denise Slosar

    Apr 10. 2018

    Thanks for all your service. Bless you.

  6. Mary Hale

    Apr 10. 2018

    So happy she is ok. Hope she gets a wonderful forever home.

  7. Vanessa Paradiso

    Apr 10. 2018

    Ryan Kelly

  8. Diane Richardson

    Apr 10. 2018

    Thank all the rescuers for saving this little kitty!!

  9. Mandy Rein

    Apr 10. 2018

    Precious baby.