Dog steals food and frames the cat.

Have you seen this Video yet? A completely innocent cat get’s framed for a food heist.

While it may be part of a commercial it just shows how cats quite often get the blame for what their sneaky canine friends do. This is really a very clever Video and should make you smile or even laugh out loud.

Set to the music from Secret Agent Man, this dog steals his master’s sandwich and a Pepsi and then frames the cat.




11 Responses to “Dog steals food and frames the cat.”

  1. Marlene Alajmi

    Mar 15. 2018

    This is fantastic Ha ha ha,

  2. Thomas Higdon

    Mar 15. 2018

    The cat is always blamed.

  3. Sheila Ellerton

    Mar 15. 2018

    That is so funny.

  4. Douglas Hancock

    Mar 15. 2018

    I would have this dog outside just to save its life

  5. Susan Johnston

    Mar 15. 2018


  6. NatashaFarrell cat tree contest after you watch.

  7. Richard Morey

    Mar 15. 2018

    Damned cats! LOL

  8. Carmelo Sansalone

    Mar 15. 2018

    Priceless. .smart dog

  9. Mary Bartle Freeman

    Mar 15. 2018


  10. Connie Copenhaver

    Mar 15. 2018

    Really funny!

  11. Sylvia Acker

    Mar 15. 2018

    Look like my doggie