Communicate with treats

An effective way of communicating with your cats is by giving them treats. Also, this practice can furthermore enable you to train your cat effectively.

Even those who were able to watch this video can relate and they know by heart the treats that their cats so love, here are some of their comments:

One of my cats prefers vegges and fruits to meats not sure why, but she has a sweet tooth.

Our furry feline friends go completely insane for tuna. Tuna isn’t too good for cats in large quantities (from what I’ve read) so it’s reserved as a special treat. So that I have some on hand when needed, I make a kind of tuna jerky. I open a can of tuna in brine and place it in a warm (100 deg C) oven for about three hours and it will dry into crunchy tuna chunks which can be stored in a jar for relatively long periods without spoiling.

Have a look at this video and learn how you can communicate with your cats using treats:

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