Feral Kitty & Oinky Buddies

This is Kitty Meow, a special rescue cat who helps rescue pigs over at the Piggy Paradise, home to homeless and rescued pigs. Her role at the shelter is valuable as a rescue kitty herself, ... Continue Reading →

Stray kitten following human around…

Super cute stray kitten came up to these guys while they are on a location working on filming something. He started following them around and has not left them since, like a little ... Continue Reading →

Hilarious: Cats vs. Xbox

Cats are truly curious creatures. A foreign object can catch their fancy and fascination, even for humans they may seem everyday things that are often found at home. These cats find ... Continue Reading →

Kitty vs. Watermelon

Our feline pals find the most interesting and funny things to be their toy. You will often find them struggling and playing with the most unlikely toys. This video is one of them. 🙂 Check ... Continue Reading →

Furry Bathroom Entourage

It’s fun to be living with cats around , but sometimes, we all need some room and space for privacy. But, for this furry entourage, there is no such thing as a ‘private’ ... Continue Reading →

Kitty Pacifier

This furbaby may have lost his cat mommy early. He has since formed this odd habit, which his human finds weird. So, they filmed everything and his quirkiness was caught on camera. This ... Continue Reading →

Funny Surprised Kitten!

This is not a fairly new video, but it sure will tickle your funny bone and send you laughing. Kitten right here is such a darling! Have a look at this video and have a good laugh now… RIP ... Continue Reading →

Cute Kitten Nurses Furry Baby Pals

This is a story of cute and super sweet inter-species love affair. Who would’ve thought cats can be friends with other species? Well, you have to watch this video below to find ... Continue Reading →

The Tail Chaser

We all know that cats are very playful. They will play non-stop if they find something worth their while. But, for this fluffy kitty, no need for fancy play things. Only one will suffice… Find ... Continue Reading →

Let The Battle Begin!

In the wild, male cats would vie for their place in their community by engaging in a fight. This is a way of proving their strength and worth to become the leader or simply be the more ... Continue Reading →

Slowmo Playtime

Adorable and super cute Siberian kittens Mittens and Socks, love to play around in the house. Their energy is simply over the top. They don’t get tire of doing nothing but, play,play, ... Continue Reading →

Epic Fail Kitty Jump

The cat was just chilling behind the glass door, when all of a sudden he sees something really interesting outside. He paws at the door and he felt the glass is solid. What he does ... Continue Reading →

Unleash The Karate Expert…

Meet our resident karate expert kitty! He does not want to waste your time, so this video is sure quick, but really funny. Get to see the expert moves and the flawless karate moves. You ... Continue Reading →

Gigi The Kitty vs. Electric Toothbrush

Gigi the kitty found something of interest in the house. This unlikely thing is so inviting! So, she approaches it. But, something weird ensues that makes her back down from the ‘thing.’ Check ... Continue Reading →

Pixel & Sushi – Noisy Bengal Bunch!

This is Pixel and Sushi, both young Bengal cats around six to eight months old and they make lots of sounds on a day to day basis. It is as if the two of them are talking to each other, ... Continue Reading →

Top 14 Weird Sounds Cats Make

Cats love to make noises and sounds. These are often  a variety of sounds, which can mean a lot of things. There are even times when you hear them as if telling you something or uttering ... Continue Reading →

Best Collar Types For Your Kitten

Collars for your cats are meant for their safety and to be functional too. Do you want to get a collar for your cat? Do you know which one to get? What size, and material to use for ... Continue Reading →

Must-haves For Your New Kitten

Wow, you finally have a new kitten, congratulations! Now, what? Having a kitten entails some obligations on your part. Do you know the things you have to have (aside from cat food, ... Continue Reading →

Nom-Nom Cats

Ever come across cats who are so noisy when eating? If not, then this is your chance to be entertained! Watch this video compilation, and see first-hand how ‘delicious’ ... Continue Reading →

Meet The Naughty Kittens

Your beloved feline pals can get naughty at times, especially when they are left all alone by themselves. Have you ever had a similar experience? Oh, this couple had, and these are ... Continue Reading →