Duct taped and thrown in a dryer

FOLLOW UP to the story from an apartment complex in Riverside where a cat was duct taped and thrown into a dryer. Mama cat reunited with her kittens. What makes this even more savage ... Continue Reading →

Krazy Kitty

This kitten is just plain Hyper, Loco, Crazy, Out of control….. but CUTE. This Video captures the crazy attacks by this hyper kitten on totally inanimate objects. I can’t ... Continue Reading →

From Frozen Stiff to Furry, Fluffy and Healthy

Meet Elsa, the darling little ginger kitten that was discovered frozen stiff and presumed dead. Well Elsa may have used up one of her 9 lives but she has made a miraculous recovery ... Continue Reading →

Meet Wiggles

  Meet Wiggles, a darling little foster kitten, actually she’s the runt of the litter but as you can see in the Video did not miss out on any of the cute factor that young kittens ... Continue Reading →

Food Can Killing the Cat

  You really must see the incredible kitten rescue that this lady accomplished for this poor kitten. His head stuck in an empty food can. Surely she saved him from certain death!!!! When ... Continue Reading →

Cat drops 30 foot after being thrown from moving car

Another hideous act of animal cruelty leaves officers baffled as to why someone would throw a kitten out onto the highway. The kitty, hurt and scared had managed to clamber up onto ... Continue Reading →

Adorable Scottish fold kitty plays peekaboo!

What is your favorite play time activity with your kitty? Some pet owners would walk their kitties and bring them to a pet park. Some would take theirs to the beach for some ball catching ... Continue Reading →

Big Rottweiler adopts itty bitty kitty…

  Some people may see a small stray kitten on the side of the road and simply ignore it and brush off any thought that this tiny living creature might need our help, and go ... Continue Reading →

Kitty licking like crazy but is actually missing it!

  Kitty loves to lick his body, as all strict feline groomers do. But this cat is not getting the job done at all! He just brings out his tongue acting out the licking and ... Continue Reading →

Ellen loves cat videos

If you don’t watch Ellen on television with some regularity, you may not realize just how many kitty videos she shows on her show. This snippet from one of her shows displays ... Continue Reading →

Old Friend

Old friendships are strong and lasting. Watch what happens when this Mama cat takes her young kittens to visit an old friend. Now, it just so happens that her old friend is a rather ... Continue Reading →

Two extremes of human nature.

5 Kittens rescued from trash bin. This Video and the news story clearly shows us the two very different sides of humanity. On one side you have the uncaring individual who abandoned ... Continue Reading →

Maine Coon kittens are the cutest!

If you are looking to adopt or get a cat, one of the cutest breeds you can go for are the maine coon kittens. Wikipedia says maine coon cats are regarded as the ‘gentle giant’: The ... Continue Reading →

Storm Drain Rescue

A kind soul stopped when hearing the cat’s cries for help. It was stuck in a storm drain, afraid and hungry and could not get out. This poor kittens cry for help could be heard ... Continue Reading →

Trash Man saves & raises 2 Trashed Kittens.

  Trash Man saves & raises 2 Trashed Kittens. The driver of this garbage truck saw two very young kittens thrown in a trash pile to be picked up by his truck. It’s so ... Continue Reading →

Brave Kitten

Talk about brave…. this little 3 pound Bengal kitty takes on a 19 pound Maine Coon and shows little fear. Time and time she comes back to playfully attack the much larger cat. ... Continue Reading →

Cruel Person

 I was absolutely appalled when I first read this story. This poor cat was dipped in wet concrete and left to die. How could someone be so cruel as to do something like this? Was it ... Continue Reading →

Who’s in Danger?

Racing out to the porch to see why her cat was meowing so loudly this woman was absolutely stunned to see why her cat was meowing so loudly. Perched on the railing of the small deck ... Continue Reading →

Bad Days…. everyone has one.

Can you imagine what could go wrong in the above image if Kitty is having a bad day? Most of the time our pets, and animals in general, are very friendly. But, even they can be total ... Continue Reading →

Diaper Kitty – Not to be confused with Kitty Diaper.

Incredible story of a kitten born with 2 missing vertebrae and the inability to control all bodily functions. So he wears a diaper and is now ready to find a new forever home. Bebe ... Continue Reading →