New meaning for Cat Fishin

Here’s a fishy story for you. Two guys are out on the Warrior River fishing when they see a small animal swimming towards them. This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘fishing ... Continue Reading →

Kitty human-leg-climbing!

This bunch are a wee bit impatient! They can’t wait to get their paws on their food. They are simply showing their human dad how much they want to chow down! Have a look at this ... Continue Reading →

A different kind of purrspective…

Whenever his human dad is at the table to eat, this kitty enjoys this odd habit. Not sure though if his dad is enjoying it too! LOL!!   Talk about a different kind of PURR-spective! Please ... Continue Reading →

Some Hate Cats

Some people actually hate cats. This group was brought in to explain how and why they feel this way and also to meet some young kittens. A camera was set up to record what they said ... Continue Reading →

I miss you!

Cats, like humans are 100% living and feeling creatures. They can sense emotions like happiness, excitement, fear, and much, much more. But, did you know that your cat misses you too? If ... Continue Reading →

Unraveling the mystery behind the wall…

Kitty is one curious being, he often makes this inquisitive look and moves whenever something interests him. In this video footage, you will see kitty tip-toeing to check the mystery ... Continue Reading →

No More

  If you think for one minute that there are no cats that can speak the English language then you are in for a huge surprise here. Just watch and listen to this cat’s lament ... Continue Reading →

Another “Dear Kitten” Video

  Friskies cat food keeps coming out with these great “Dear Kitten” Videos. We know it’s to promote their product but they are so well done that you can’t ... Continue Reading →

This Kitty’s a traffic enforcer!

This adorable furbaby, has an odd habit of sleep-waving. If you haven’t seen a kitty doing the sleep-wave, then this is your chance to do so. Itty bitty kitty seems to act like ... Continue Reading →

Gimme those glasses!

This cute kitten feels he needs the glasses more than his human does. He keeps on trying to snatch them away from there regular place. In fact, he’s struggling to take them away ... Continue Reading →

4 tiny kittens salvaged at the Skatepark.

Tiny rescued four little furbabies were saved when they were a couple of days old and eyes still shut. These adorable kittens were discovered in a trash bag in UK at the Ipswich’s ... Continue Reading →

Ginger kitty chill like a boss!

This Ginger kitty often likes to sit like a human. He would have his legs stretching over the edge of the table like a little boy would! It’s not everyday you see a kitty acting ... Continue Reading →

3 year old rescues 5 kittens

The Video on the next page captures the rescue of 5 kittens by a 3 year old boy. This little guy takes his job very seriously indeed and feels he absolutely has to rescue these five ... Continue Reading →

Cat V Foil

For a long time trainers have been telling me that covering objects with foil would stop cats walking on it. It sure sounded like a simple way to train them to stay off those objects. ... Continue Reading →

Hilarious sneaky kitten tries to steal food under the door…

For this kitty, nothing can separate him from his food – ever! In fact, he will do everything in his power to ensure that he gets what he want, when he wants it! This is a clear ... Continue Reading →

Kitten acts like a pup

A really nice story about a rescued kitten who is being raised by the family dog. The kitten now acts and behaves in some instances as if it were a dog. Here’s what was posted ... Continue Reading →

Fluffy cat wants unlimited petting!

This adorable kitty wants to be petted – UNLIMITED! Cute kitty is soo touchy feely, and he wants to be petted. And he just can’t get enough of it. He demands more love ... Continue Reading →

Fashionista kitty disapproves of his human’s get-up…

This kitty is a cut above the rest, why? Simply because he is a fashionista and a stylist! Whenever he disapproves of his humans choice of clothes, he does the unexpected and unthinkable ... Continue Reading →

Delightful Kittens

Young nursing kittens quite often make for some of the very best Videos that you can ever see. They’re so small and helpless looking, and so reliant on Mama for everything, that ... Continue Reading →

Fat orange furball sits in the chair like a boss!

Being a cat is no laughing matter, all that running around, playing, and petting, can take a toll on any kitty’s body – be he thin, or a bit of a furball. They all have ... Continue Reading →