Trump Roast

This is so funny. Three Guinea Pigs conduct a roast of Donald Trump. Now, we felines are not political animals but after watching this I think maybe Guinea Pigs are. Just watch the ... Continue Reading →

Backward Cat

The behavior of this cat is quite strange. She prefers to walk backwards. Don’t ask me why because I do not know. Maybe too much Michael Jackson on the TV as a young kitten. I ... Continue Reading →

Smoke is the problem

Smoke is the great danger for cats in a house fire. Many pets die in house fires without being burnt at all. Just like humans, smoke inhalation is the cause of many deaths. This Video ... Continue Reading →

Cat presumed dead in house fire revived by fireman

BREAKING NEWS: Fire destroys home and residents cat presumed lost in the fire.  A wonderful news story came out of Rhode Island that the cat reported dead in the house fire was actually ... Continue Reading →

Abandoned kitten saved by News cameraman

Meet a very lucky teeny tiny kitty. A News cameraman stopped his vehicle in the middle of the highway to rescue what he described as a little lump of fur. It is unknown where the kitten ... Continue Reading →

Amazing first 4 weeks of life for 4 Kittens.

Amazing first 4 weeks of life for 4 Kittens. Here’s what happened to these four little kittens in the first month of their short lives. They were abandoned. They were Rescued. ... Continue Reading →

Live rescue of abandoned cat and kittens

Six kittens and their Mama were recently rescued and brought to a Santa Barbara rescue shelter. It’s interesting to watch how the volunteers coaxed the cat and kittens with food ... Continue Reading →

Fire destroys home but 5 kittens saved.

Fire destroys home but 5 kittens saved. A mama cat was reunited with 5 of her kittens following a house fire in Manchester. Unfortunately the sixth kitten did not make it but Mama cat ... Continue Reading →

It’s the Beard

What do you get when you take one handsome dude plus a scraggy beard and then add in a tiny tortie kitten? A Video that that goes viral all over the internet. Here’s what some ... Continue Reading →

Weird noises from rescued kitty

  This little kitty was found abandoned and covered in fleas and filth. Malnourished and skinny it looked like it was about 3 weeks old. Some food was put out for the kitten and ... Continue Reading →

Emotions flow as lost cat returns.

Emotions flow as lost cat returns. Imagine your anguish after arriving home from a 7 hour drive to discover that one of your precious kitty cats had escaped from the car during a coffee ... Continue Reading →

Mission Impawsable

Some of the sneakiest and stealthiest spies around are securely hiding right in our homes. Watch this Video and you’ll realize just how much they spy on us, and just how clever and ... Continue Reading →

Dogs Shamed

One of our most popular post this year was about 5 cats who were being shamed for their dastardly deeds. Many people reminded us that it’s not just cats who get into mischief, ... Continue Reading →

Smokey finally rescued 4 weeks later.

Smokey the Cat finally rescued – 4 weeks after going missing. A kitty cat named Smokey, missing for 4 weeks, was rescued by … you guessed it, a Fireman of course. With ... Continue Reading →

Six kittens found in hunter’s live trap.

In the St. Louis area a live hunter’s trap was found with one dead kitten and five others clinging to life. This short Video was taken 1 week after the rescue and as you can ... Continue Reading →

Twas the night….

Twas the night before the Christmas tree went up and Cole and Marmalade are about to rumble. These two, now very famous internet cats, have provide lots of fun and entertainment for ... Continue Reading →

Pure Destruction

This cat named Elliot, likes to tear cardboard boxes into little pieces and he does not care how long it takes. Day after day he’ll come back to it and just shred it till nothing ... Continue Reading →

Slinky Kitty

The cat crawled through an opening so small you won’t believe it. It really is almost impossible to believe, if you did not see it with your own eyes. How on earth does this ... Continue Reading →

Children save five abandoned kittens

Five abandoned kittens found in a hollow tree trunk near the park. I want you to meet these five lucky kittens. Saved from abandonment and starvation by three young children. Last ... Continue Reading →

Duct taped and thrown in a dryer

FOLLOW UP to the story from an apartment complex in Riverside where a cat was duct taped and thrown into a dryer. Mama cat reunited with her kittens. What makes this even more savage ... Continue Reading →