Injured Kitty – Puts Up A Good Fight

This kitten has suffered a traumatic back injury but was nursed back to good health. Despite the injury he sustained, he is not willing to give it all up. You can see him putting ... Continue Reading →

Theo’s Daily Dose of Chit Chats…

Ever encounter a talkative cat before? If you haven’t then check out Theo. Theo is a fluffy cat from Japan. He is one talkative kitty, much to the delight of his human dad. Ever ... Continue Reading →

Cat & White Tail Deer – Pals For Life!

Meet Tiger Lily the cat and Ginger her whitetail deer friend and their one of a kind friendship like no other! As babies, these two lovely creatures would  curl up and sleep together. ... Continue Reading →

Help Meowww Mama!

The love of a mother is beyond compare. We have witnessed this statement come to life several times here at This video right here is one of them. Pure motherly love is ... Continue Reading →

The Unlikely Admirer

For this cute kitten and puppy, there is such a thing as love at first sight. When they  first met, the two of them fell in love with each other instantly as they met. Nothing can ... Continue Reading →

Cute Kitty Face Rub

This human can’t help but gush over this itty bitty tiny kitty she held in her arms. She incessantly rubbed her face on his soft furry face as he continued to purr – Aaaawww! Human ... Continue Reading →

Ninja Cat Will Save The Day!

Funny black ‘ninja’ cat is attempting to save the day as he does his ninja tricks. You will be highly entertained by this funny black cat. Is he hyper or what? LOL Check ... Continue Reading →

I Kneaded You…

Itty bitty cute tiny kitten is so kneady! He seems to have this habit of kneading in the air always. Making air muffins is his hidden talent. Does your kitty do the same thing too? ... Continue Reading →

No One Will Be Famished!

Fluffy and adorable kitty Osamu heads a pack of 10 cats. As a leader, he knows exactly what to do. He can even feed all 10 cats even without their human and they can reassure all ten ... Continue Reading →

Boy, I’m So Damn Handsome!

Oh, Hi good-looking!!! This must have been the mantra of one cat who when he discovered his own reflection in the mirror – and can’t help but admire what he is seeing. He ... Continue Reading →

I’m Having What You’re Having!

This adorable bundle of fur is sooo observant. His chubby face would immediately tilt and move whenever he sees something of interest. He is a food-lover and you can tell that by what ... Continue Reading →

Potbelly Piglet Thinks He is A Cat!

This is Stewart. He is a potbelly piglet who was adopted by a cat mama who he loves so dearly. You can always see him near his cat mama wherever she is! Because of this, Stewart really ... Continue Reading →

Let me help you groom…

Meet the friendly and caring cat – Mango. Mango is a good friend and he cares for his other furry pals. He is ready to help anyone in need, very much like a really good friend ... Continue Reading →

Ginger Kitty Is The Ship Cat For 16 Years

The CSS Acadia is a ship based in Nova Scotia. CSS Acadia has a pest control officer in the person of Erik the resident ginger kitty. They fondly call him ‘Erik the Red.’ ... Continue Reading →

The Cutest Cat Momma Love!

The love Moms have for their children is boundless, unconditional, and so pure. It never ceases, even until her last breath. Indeed, no one loves us far more than our moms. This holds ... Continue Reading →

Puhleeaase, stop that!!!

There are highly affectionate cats, and there are cats who dislike being touchy, feely, mushy, and all. Like these felines here. One goes like – ‘Dude, seriously?’ They ... Continue Reading →

The ‘Cats’ Office

Intrigued by the title? Yes, there is a ‘cats’ office. And you will be able to see them, lots of these fluffy bundles of fur in a cozy office. Having them around will surely ... Continue Reading →

This is sooo F-U-N!

Meet Blanquita, the snowy white fur kitty who loves to play with her human baby’s stuff and have a grand time with them. In fact, she appears to be enjoying the baby stuff more ... Continue Reading →

Oriental Siamese Stomping Up The Stairs!

If you think that only dogs play fetch, think again! This Oriental Siamese kitty is as smart as the man’s best friend. Yep, he loves to play fetch too! Watch how he stomps his ... Continue Reading →

Tabby Kitty & The Bizaare Creature…

One day tabby kitten came across one really bizarre creature who appears to be covered in hard shell. This left the poor tabby boy all confused and perplexed. But, he is sure all set ... Continue Reading →