Fishermen love these island furbabies…

For these bunch of furballs, cat food is not a problem, they have plenty – thanks to these loving Japanese fishermen. The fisher folks in Japan have loved and taken care of these ... Continue Reading →

Hike ends with surprise kitten rescue

Matt Garza and his wife were on a hike at Spring Creek Park in NW Houston, Texas when they stumbled across 4 abandoned kittens. Without much … Related Video Posts Fishermen ... Continue Reading →

Epic fail: 90-Minutes wasted in installing cat door, this happens…

Philo’s human spent a whopping 90 minutes just to make sure they had the new cat door installed for their dear kitty. That way he will be able to use it as they come and go, however ... Continue Reading →

Kitty dines on sushi!

Cats love fish, but this kitty likes something way different from the customary. Why? Because this feline likes sushi! Sushi is often made of fresh salmon, tuna or yellowtail, so no ... Continue Reading →

Purrfect plenty kisses!

This kitty knows exactly that when he gives, he will surely get something back. A simple theory of give and take. Find out what this furry pal has up his sleeves –   Please ... Continue Reading →

Super cute ragdoll kitten!

This ragdoll kitten is so cute and so playful. She loves to hang out on the bean bag and play. This is her favorite spot. Just looking at her makes any heart melt for sure. Her human ... Continue Reading →

Cute Kitten Video Compilation

  OMG!! This may rank as one of the most fun video compilation of kitten clips I have seen in a very long time. It’s just amazing the antics certain kittens get up to and ... Continue Reading →

Ami the 17-year old grandpa kitty!

Ami is the oldest cat we will ever feature here on Ami is a 17 years old rescue kitty. He is 13 years older than Ohagi, the Japanese playful kitty we often feature here ... Continue Reading →

Maine Coon loves playing with water!

Maine Coon kitty Leon just loves playing with water. Now one of his ultimate leisure and fun time activities is to play with water! Leon explores the world around him often, but one ... Continue Reading →

Good News Rescue

I love to post happy ending kitten rescue stories. Here’s one that you may have seen, I saw it quite a while back but this poor little kitty is just so happy to be rescued. Just ... Continue Reading →

Love changes everything.

Six 20 day old kittens and their mother were rescued from an engineering workshop by the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue. Their foster dad, who took in all six plus their mama, was getting ... Continue Reading →

New meaning for Cat Fishin

Here’s a fishy story for you. Two guys are out on the Warrior River fishing when they see a small animal swimming towards them. This brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘fishing ... Continue Reading →

Kitty human-leg-climbing!

This bunch are a wee bit impatient! They can’t wait to get their paws on their food. They are simply showing their human dad how much they want to chow down! Have a look at this ... Continue Reading →

A different kind of purrspective…

Whenever his human dad is at the table to eat, this kitty enjoys this odd habit. Not sure though if his dad is enjoying it too! LOL!!   Talk about a different kind of PURR-spective! Please ... Continue Reading →

Some Hate Cats

Some people actually hate cats. This group was brought in to explain how and why they feel this way and also to meet some young kittens. A camera was set up to record what they said ... Continue Reading →

I miss you!

Cats, like humans are 100% living and feeling creatures. They can sense emotions like happiness, excitement, fear, and much, much more. But, did you know that your cat misses you too? If ... Continue Reading →

Unraveling the mystery behind the wall…

Kitty is one curious being, he often makes this inquisitive look and moves whenever something interests him. In this video footage, you will see kitty tip-toeing to check the mystery ... Continue Reading →

No More

  If you think for one minute that there are no cats that can speak the English language then you are in for a huge surprise here. Just watch and listen to this cat’s lament ... Continue Reading →

Another “Dear Kitten” Video

  Friskies cat food keeps coming out with these great “Dear Kitten” Videos. We know it’s to promote their product but they are so well done that you can’t ... Continue Reading →

This Kitty’s a traffic enforcer!

This adorable furbaby, has an odd habit of sleep-waving. If you haven’t seen a kitty doing the sleep-wave, then this is your chance to do so. Itty bitty kitty seems to act like ... Continue Reading →