Heart-warming Walmart kitten rescue

There are a lot of poor kittens out there, helpless, hapless victims of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. Sad but true, and we are here to tell you their story. This is the harrowing ... Continue Reading →

Rescued tiny ginger kitty found a loving forever home!

This itty bitty tiny baby kitten was found all by himself, crying for help, all alone on the truck bed. His mummy kitty is nowhere to be found. Poor kitty was abandoned… Please ... Continue Reading →

Dramatic change in rescued kitten, thanks hero rescuers!

Elusive kitten finally found trust and affection through the help of her hero rescuers who found her in a car engine and gave her a forever home at their fire station.  These hero ... Continue Reading →

Amazing rescue -Taken away from flood water!

An unfortunate event placed three tiny kittens in a very dangerous situation! These three tiny kittens were seen meowing for help during a flood caused by torrential rains. When this ... Continue Reading →

Rescued together – Puppy & kitten kept each other warm during the rain.

Thomas the cat and Camarin the dog snuggled together to keep each other warm and not suffer  hypothermia in the freezing rain. They were both rescued by a kind-hearted rescue driver ... Continue Reading →

Rescuing a terrified abandoned Kitten – The transformation will amaze you!

Thanks for watching. I hope my videos will inspire you and please share with others too. Related Video Posts Dusty Rescued One ... Continue Reading →

Man goes into the woods, was surprised by this instead…

A man went to the woods one day searching for mushrooms, but alas, what he found was a much bigger and better surprise! He came out from the woods with an abandoned furry pal! Sweet! Real ... Continue Reading →

Amazing Kitten Rescue Time-Lapse Video

Rescue crews helped save a kitten stuck on the ledge of a building in Singapore. Related Video Posts Dusty Rescued One ... Continue Reading →

Kitten Rescue after rain storm

Kitten Rescue after rain storm. Kitten lying on muddy ground after the rain and was covered in slugs. His striped cat mother left when the drag and drop other … Related Video ... Continue Reading →

Kitty rescued from the dangerous overpass highway!

In West London, UK, the cat was found perching on the barriers over the busy flyover meowing for help. Office workers nearby found the cat all terrified and about to fall from the the ... Continue Reading →

The Bionic Cat

Astounding work performed by this Vet has saved the life of this courageous cat named Oscar. A farming accident severed Oscar’s rear legs and the Owner’s felt that this ... Continue Reading →

Man rescues kitten by jumping in 10 feet storm drain!

A Good Samaritan jumped 10 feet into the storm drain to try and rescue crying kitten. It took 7 strangers, 45 minutes to rescue one poor crying feral kitten who got stuck on the drain. A ... Continue Reading →

Kanga kitty the exceptional feline!

Meet Kanga, the exceptional kitty who has to stand and hop with her hind legs. But, this is a feline who never thinks she’s any different from other cats of her kind. What a ... Continue Reading →

Big man rescues tiny feral kitten and became her mom!

Who would not melt a heart for a tiny helpless hapless kitty? Well, not us, and certainly not this big bearded man. He did what he deemed was correct under the circumstances. This ... Continue Reading →

Blind Honey Bee leading the blind…

  This blind rescued cat from Fiji is making herself useful despite her being visually impaired. Honey Bee is the blind rescued cat from Fiji. She herself was rescued from the ... Continue Reading →

The touching tale of rescued 8 day old kitty!

Poor kitty was only 8 days old when she was saved by Cats at the Studios from the high kill shelter where she was about to be euthanized. Cats don’t have a voice to tell the ... Continue Reading →

4 tiny kittens salvaged at the Skatepark.

Tiny rescued four little furbabies were saved when they were a couple of days old and eyes still shut. These adorable kittens were discovered in a trash bag in UK at the Ipswich’s ... Continue Reading →

Tiny feral kitties conquer giants.

At first, these giant men were hesitant to see these kitties. However when they were made to pay a visit to a feral cat rescue and hold the kittens for the first time, something happened. They ... Continue Reading →

Fire survivor kitty gives back to rescued kittens…

Justin is a rescued kitty himself. He was intentionally set on fire and left for dead when he was barely a one month old kitten. Now, he gives back all the love and nurturing he received ... Continue Reading →

Finally free from captivity!

Tiny ginger kitty was found trapped inside a wall. So, a group of good samaritans worked their way to salvage poor kitty. When he was trapped in the walls at the house of his humans, ... Continue Reading →