Dusty Rescued

It has been quite a tough week for Dusty, but here she is looking healthy and happy after being rescued by firefighters. You would not beleive where Dusty got her head stuck unless ... Continue Reading →

One Woman – 1 Thousand Cats

No doubt we’ve all heard the term “The Cat Lady” . Well, this video clearly displays a real life Cat Lady. What an amazing contribution she is making to saving and ... Continue Reading →

Ultimate Survivor

Within cat breeding circles there are some horrendous abuses of cats and kittens. Cats that are rejected from breeding are sometimes so abused, starved and poorly treated that it leaves ... Continue Reading →

Cat presumed dead in house fire revived by fireman

BREAKING NEWS: Fire destroys home and residents cat presumed lost in the fire.  A wonderful news story came out of Rhode Island that the cat reported dead in the house fire was actually ... Continue Reading →

A Frozen Miracle

On a cold Thanksgiving morning, Branden Bingham and his family stumbled upon a seemingly frozen kitten buried in the snow. In an attempt to save his life, they rushed inside and began ... Continue Reading →

Say Hello to Rocket – rescued minutes before being put down.

Introducing Rocket, a very young kitten who almost did not get a chance at life at all. Discovered in a granite yard this young kitten was on route to the animal shelter for help when ... Continue Reading →

Recycled Kitten

Employees at this recycling center found a cute surprise during one of their shifts! Here’s a feel good story for kitten lovers. What are the odds of a days old kitten being ... Continue Reading →

Wise kitty asks for help!

This kitty cat was wise enough to come looking for help. Here’s the story told by the good samaratin that took the cat in and provided the help needed: One day, a stray cat came ... Continue Reading →

Abandoned in the snow…

This is another sad story of animal abuse. If you can’t take care of your pets, then don’t get one and abandon them! This is disappointing, as our feline counterparts are ... Continue Reading →

Kitty hoarding…

What you will see next is a shocking video of cat hoarding in Wyoming. This is really appalling and disturbing! Viewer discretion is highly advised. A total of 150 cats were rescued ... Continue Reading →

Cat stuck!

As you already know by now, cats love snug places. But, sometimes their habit can get them into trouble like this kitten right here in the video. His penchant for snug places get him ... Continue Reading →

Heart-wrenching rescue

Don’t watch this rescue video without a tissue nearby. You will surely shed a tear or two once you see this heart-wrenching rescue of a poor kitten. The video was shot some time ... Continue Reading →

Rescued by fido pal

A two-day old kitten who can barely open his eyes was abandoned by his mom. He was found by an unlikely hero – all covered in maggots! This is the sad story of Roscoe the poor ... Continue Reading →

Found in the snow…

Domesticated cats are delicate and tender creatures. Their tiny bodies can’t withstand inclement weather on their own. You have to take care of them and feed them because they ... Continue Reading →

Neglected kitty rescued…

This is Possum, and this is about his touching ordeal. Thank God, he was rescued. We can’t thank enough the people who stepped in and made a difference in the life of another being. The ... Continue Reading →

House Fire – Helmet Cam View with Kitten Rescued

This is a helmet cam video of a house fire. If you watch through to the end you will see us save a small kitten that was inside. Related Video Posts Dusty ... Continue Reading →

Rescued Kittens Rapping

Never did I imagine that rapping would become a part of my life, but due to popular demand…here are the first six Kitten Lady raps featuring Young Finn, Fiddle, … Related ... Continue Reading →

Rescued kitten loves Pomeranian dog After being abandoned by his mother

https://goo.gl/QcyuIw Rescued kitten loves Pomeranian dog After being abandoned by his mother, Pancho the kitten was found. Related Video Posts Dusty ... Continue Reading →

Mama cat rescue

We emphasize time and again how great is a mother’s love. It surpasses anything, it’s pure and always unconditional. Like this mama cat who unfortunately lost her kittens. But, ... Continue Reading →

1 Week old kittens rescued…

Kittens, when they are a few days old are very delicate and tender. They can easily get sick, or even worse, die an untimely death if not taken care of. These one week old kittens have ... Continue Reading →