[VIDEO] – Purring Machine

This cute ragdoll Siamese is definitely a Purring Machine. Once you listen to this kitty purr you will be thankful that you do not have to try and sleep in the same room as this contented ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – The Duo with missing legs

Meet Tink and Henry. Best friends, both with missing legs. This Video is a tear jerker. Not because it has a sad ending but because of the adversity overcome by this dog born with no ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – High on Catnip

The Talking Cat’s catnip overdose. Chances are you may have heard of Sylvester the Talking Cat from a lot of the videos up on YouTube. No matter if you have not because now you ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Different strokes for different folks…

Do canned olives have this effect and impact on you? This may be the funniest Video of a feline reaction to the smell of a specific human food that I have ever witnessed. Just take ... Continue Reading →

Cat Versus Crook.

We’ve all heard stories of pet dogs coming to the rescue of their Owners or their Owner’s children, but this story is different. Two would be computer thieves are turned ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – The human scratching post.

  Maybe this Video should be called the human climbing post or maybe even the kitten taxi.because these two kittens are not about to get down now that they have found their human’s ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Diego the Bengal cat’s first ever swim.

  I’m shocked at the amazement of this cat’s human family when their Bengal kitten named Diego actually starts to swim on it’s own when, for the very first time ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – 5 Dogs and 1 Cat – Do they mean any harm?

Being out numbered 5:1 there is ample reason for this cat to be feeling a little defensive. Do you think the dogs mean any harm, or are they just wanting to gently play with the cat? ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Go ahead and Jump!

Absolutely amazing compilation video of cats leaps, jumps and falls. Here’s a Video full of laughs and amazing stunts that you really must watch and enjoy if you like cats. There’s ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO SERIES] – Gigantic Feral Cats wreaking havoc in Australia – 80 animal species endangered

The explosion of feral cats in Australia has created a massive problem for authorities and animal rights activists alike. More than 80 species of animals that are in the food chain ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Young Fawn Surprises Miro the Kitten

Imagine Kitty’s surprise upon venturing outside to find a 2 day old Fawn on his front porch. I don’t think Miro the kitten is quite sure what to think about this animal ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – How to calm a crazed kitty – or – Missing fingers.

How to calm a crazed kitty – or – Missing fingers. When I saw the title of this YouTube Video I thought to myself now this could be some good information to have. Having ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Look what we found … It’s a Kitten Meooow Fest.

[VIDEO] – Look what we found … It’s a Kitten Mewow Fest. Young kittens never cease to excite folks when they sit there, stare up at you and talk. This Video capture ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Feline Scheming Exposed

Have you ever watched a cat in quiet contemplation and wondered to yourself “What is going on inside your head little kitty?” The people over at Purina – Friskies ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Upset cat attacks Officer on live TV

This cat has become available for adoption and is being featured on a show encouraging folk to come in and adopt a pet. Things don’t go quite as scripted. This irate kitty won’t ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – How long can a cat live without food or water?

  An absolutely amazing story of cat survival is going to see a very happy conclusion tomorrow on Valentines Day. You may have heard the story of a cat that accidently got packaged ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Trauma Central.

Sometimes, a visit to the Vet does not go as planned. Where’s the owner of this poor Kitty while the cat is being traumatized by this visit to the Vet. For many of our cats, a ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Video compilation of hilarious cat jumps.

Video compilation of hilarious cat jumps. This Video has cats jumping everywhere. Jumping onto people, over people, into fish tanks, up onto chandeliers. Listed as ’41 most ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Listen to the uniqueness of these three meows.

A family shares the three unique meows of their two 6 week old kittens and their 1 year old cat. 1 kitten meows with a strong perpetual meow, the other 6 week old has this fairly faint ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Top 10 Cutest Cats Contest

You won’t believe the cuteness of the top 10 cutest cat Videos. The actual winner of the contest or “Cutest Kitten” – a darling 5 week old Shaded Golden Persian ... Continue Reading →