Tornado victim finds cat!

A devastating and destructive tornado struck Alabama. People lost homes, properties, and lives during that fateful event. A tornado victim was in the middle of a TV news interview, ... Continue Reading →

Stray kitty’s 7 little surprises…

This is ‘Munchkin’ a stray cat that showed up one day at the family’s door, insistently wanting to move in. But, kind as this family is they did not know that they ... Continue Reading →

Rescued mailbox kitty found forever home…

Danny, knows about a little Tuxedo kitten rescued in a mailbox and called her – Mimi. He is a retired mail man and he took Mimi to his home and cared for her. Before Danny took ... Continue Reading →

Man goes into the woods, was surprised by this instead…

A man went to the woods one day searching for mushrooms, but alas, what he found was a much bigger and better surprise! He came out from the woods with an abandoned furry pal! Sweet! Real ... Continue Reading →

Amazing tripod kitten runs real fast!

This is Furiosa, a tripod kitty who is three legged. But, despite his three legs, he enjoys life like any regular kitty and he does not feel any differently. He can literally bring ... Continue Reading →

The purr-fect present!

Our birthday is a once a year event in our lives that each of us look forward to. Even adults look forward to another year, even the big guy Steven. Steven, is in for a great and purr-fect ... Continue Reading →

These 5 foster kittens are sure to melt your hearts!

These five (5) teeny weeny cute kittens were born at a foster home.Their rescue stray mommy kitty Winter and her furbabies are enjoying the comfort of their foster home and they are ... Continue Reading →

Missing for 6 years & now ……

A family’s cat was lost and has gone missing for 6 years. But, she is home now. She was finally home one Christmas day. What a surprise! Her name is Taz and she disappeared after ... Continue Reading →

Christmas Surprise

Have your children ever wanted a kitten as a Christmas gift? My guess is the answer is a resounding Yes for many families. This Video shows a Christmas surprise when a young girl uncovers ... Continue Reading →

The amazing tale of Studley – the wonder therapy cat!

Some cats are just a cut above the rest.  They don’t simply bring joy to the lives of people whom they touch, but they can also bring HOPE to the sick and hopeless. Meet Studley ... Continue Reading →

What a pleasant feline surprise!.

Someone is in for a pleasant (feline) surprise … This thoughtful and sweet boyfriend brought a kitty to surprise his girlfriend and her reaction was priceless! I told her we ... Continue Reading →

Meet Roux………..Two-Legged Kanga-Cat

Here’s another wonderful adoption story. A kitten born without front legs was surrendered because she could not cover her own poop without front paws. Instantly adopted by Jackie ... Continue Reading →

Foster kitty is not claustrophobic!

New foster kitty brought to the house of his foster parents has an odd habit. His furry colleagues found his odd habit – a bit weird. Sun who is a corgi and Schrödinger a siamese ... Continue Reading →

Lipizzaner Prancing Cat

  This kitty cat must be from Austria I think or it spent a lot of time on Disney’s Movie set while ‘Miracle of the White Stallions’ was being filmed. You won’t ... Continue Reading →

97 Year old saved from 4 Pit bulls by cat

This lady is firmly convinced that her cat Tiger saved her life. Meet 97 year old Sophie Thomas, who was saved from 4 Pit bulls by her cat. Incredible story of this very elderly ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – A boy and his cat …..

  Do you think these two like each other’s company? Cats and young children always seem to create great Videos together. Take this short little video of a youngster snuggling ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Cat comes back from grave

In Tampa, a little north of where I live a cat has returned from the grave. No, I’m not kidding this is a true story about a cat who got run over by a car and found in a pool ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Simple DIY irresistiball toy for your cat to play with.

Simple DIY irresistiball toy for your cat to play with. While looking at some old feline food commercials I came across a series of DIY toy Videos put together by, you guessed it….. ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – An Eagle, a fox and 2 cats

How often do you see and eagle, a fox and 2 cats hanging out together. On the back porch of this home that is being remodeled an unusual trio of animals are captured on this video. ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Purring Machine

This cute ragdoll Siamese is definitely a Purring Machine. Once you listen to this kitty purr you will be thankful that you do not have to try and sleep in the same room as this contented ... Continue Reading →