Let us cut to the chase!

Our pet cats have their ways of amusing themselves, they can play on their own without the supervision of their humans. This kitty is playing with a box and a toy mouse. He wants to ... Continue Reading →

Let us cut to the chase!

Our pet cats have their ways of amusing themselves, they can play on their own without the supervision of their humans. This kitty is playing with a box and a toy mouse. He wants to ... Continue Reading →

A Purr-fect Birthday Surprise!

It is time for pretty and adorable Ellie’s birthday, and she is in for a great surprise. What will she be getting for her birthday? Ellie is up for the purr-fect birthday surprise ... Continue Reading →

Lions & Tiger & Bears…..

This may be the most unusual trio of close fiends you will ever meet. This Video shares the story of these three wild and dangerous animals who have created a long lasting friendship ... Continue Reading →

Snaggle Puss & Snuggles

Meet Snaggle Puss the cat and Snuggles the tiny rabbit. Unfortunately Snuggle’s Mom died when he was a week old. I think you can already guess what happened next. Yes, Snaggle ... Continue Reading →

Sweet surprise!

What would you think is the best way to surprise a cat lover? There are actually 101 things you can do to surprise any feline lover, but nothing can get closer to the best surprise ... Continue Reading →

Ragdoll- The cat who thinks it’s a dog

This site is dedicated to sharing stories about kittens. I hope you enjoy today’s post. This is why the personality of Ragdoll Cats can be described as dog-like 🙂 Original ... Continue Reading →

Ooouch! Did he do that on purpose?

Kitty found out the hard way that cats and hedgehogs do not make good cuddling pals. Here’s what the cat quickly learned – hedgehogs are prickly and they can poke! Hedgies ... Continue Reading →

The mattress cat is back where he belongs.

Food was the final solution in capturing Camo, the unfortunate cat who escaped after being unknowingly sold inside a mattress. Seems this chap, Roy, sold his girlfriend’s mattress ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ads

Have you noticed how more and more television commercials are featuring our fury feline friends? You know, more cat in their ads. Well it’s true. Madison Avenue has finally realized ... Continue Reading →

Surprise Attack

Picture this, you’re happily laying in the sun enjoy a good afternoon nap. Your house mate, another furry feline, normally the coolest cat in town decides for some unknown reason ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – I found a 1978 Friskies TV Ad.

 I found a 1978 Friskies television commercial. I was digging through some old footage the other day and came across this absolutely amazing commercial from 1978 from Friskies cat ... Continue Reading →

Shadow Boxing

Shadow Boxing takes on a whole new meaning when it’s a little black cat. Young kittens are quite often amused by what we humans consider the most ordinary of things. Like mirrors, ... Continue Reading →

Dalmatian Family

With 7 in a bed it looks a little difficult to get fully comfortable. Watch this Dalmatian couple who have adopted five kittens. Dalmatians Louie and Lady are professionals when it ... Continue Reading →

Dog steals food and frames the cat.

Have you seen this Video yet? A completely innocent cat get’s framed for a food heist. While it may be part of a commercial it just shows how cats quite often get the blame for ... Continue Reading →

A dog and his kittens

This pooch has got to rate as one of the coolest dogs ever.  Here he is videoed just hanging out resting with his three kittens. I’m figuring from the video this dog is kind, ... Continue Reading →

Unhappy Kitty

This cat is decidedly unhappy about the new stuffed animal that has appeared in his home. He’s so unhappy he’s going to beat the snot out of it. I think there may have ... Continue Reading →

5 Rag-doll Kittens and 1 German Shepherd

  Rag-doll kittens are so fluffy and playful and this quintet are certainly no different. They all venture out of their box to play and are met by the dog who wants to join in. ... Continue Reading →

Tumbelina – disability beaten.

Do you remember the story of Tumbelina? She’s one of a number of cats born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This horrible condition effects her motor skills and her ability to walk ... Continue Reading →

Kitty does not like this music…..

Look what happens to this guy when he removes the cat from it’s favorite chair and starts playing his guitar.  The old saying “What goes around, comes around.” sure ... Continue Reading →