For St Patrick’s Day

Do we have any people who celebrate St Patrick’s Day and love a really good sale? Our Deal of The Month For February. White Unisex ... Continue Reading →

Were we all tricked. The Rest of the Story….

  Officer Attacked…. You may remember some time back seeing the Video of a Police Officer writing a traffic ticket while being accosted by a little black cat. Millions of ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – This Kitty falls asleep

You have seen them all, funny kitties sleeping in various positions – sitting, dozing off like humans, the weirdest of positions, and now, this adorable kitty has yet again made ... Continue Reading →

Essential warmth.

It’s important to keep our cats warm and safe during the winter months.  Many cats are brought to emergency rooms every winter due to exposure to very cold temperatures. It’s ... Continue Reading →

Greedy Kitties

Check out these greedy selfish funny cats and funny kittens that don’t want to share their food. If you’re up for funny cat videos and funny kitten videos check out this ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – 2 Special Cats

Just watch how these 2 cute cats cuddle together to take some rest. They’ve had a very playful but exhausting afternoon. This VIDEO is worth watching right to the end. There’s ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – I are cute kitty

  An oldie, but a goodie. This Video has been around for a while but every time a Viewer shares it with us I get a huge smile on my face as I watch it. With the Video on the next ... Continue Reading →

Train Kitty To Come

How to train your cat to come when you call. It may save your cat’s life one day. Don’t delay, watch this important Video today. Many people think that you can’t ... Continue Reading →

Adam – Set On Fire

This is poor Adam, from the looks of this kitty you can immediately tell that he has gone through so much in his lifetime. Some humans can be so very cold and not feel any compassion ... Continue Reading →

Kittens Pretending to be Turtles

Have you ever seen kittens who thought they were turtles. No! I didn’t think so. But that didn’t stop this Video maker from making a funny video about kittens looking like ... Continue Reading →

Stop That…!

Adorable and funny video compilation features cats who detest getting kisses and being petted by their humans. You will surely enjoy this and have a good laugh at this video. 🙂  ... Continue Reading →

Loving Your Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon cats are generally big cats. They can grow to as big as many adult dog breeds. Dr. Richard Fujie from the King Street Pet Hospital shared more about these wonderful Maine ... Continue Reading →

How-To: Washing & Drying Persian

This helpful video shows you the right way you can wash and dry your Persian cat. This easy to follow video is a must-see for all Persian cat owners out there. Take a look at this video ... Continue Reading →

Kitties Testing The Waters

Cerberus and Calypso are enjoying the water on the tub. They kept on playing in the water. You will surely love this furry duo. 🙂 Watch the video below and be entertained!  Please ... Continue Reading →

Could have had a Bengal…..

A beautiful Bengal cat was roaming around the backyard of this home when it was noticed by the home owner.  A quick dash for the camera and the following Video was filmed. I doubt ... Continue Reading →

Bengals First Snow Day

This is Mia, and this Bengal experiences snow for the very first time. It was fun to look at her being happy with the weather and not a bit concerned about the weird first experience. ... Continue Reading →

iPad Painting For Kitties

Does your cat show off their artistic flair? If not, then take a cue from these cats. They simply love painting on the iPad. Well, you can train your cat to do so, and cultivate their ... Continue Reading →

Cute Persians Drinking Milk

Cute video shows kittens that are barely a month old drinking milk for the very first time. 🙂  This will surely warm your hearts and bring a smile on your face…   Please ... Continue Reading →

Hide and Seek Persian

This little Kemo Sabe is a playful Persian kitty. Awake while her sisters sleep, little Kemo Sabe plays an allusive game of hide and seek. This is cuteness overload like no other! Please ... Continue Reading →

Man Pulls Kitty Out of Computer

This man who is known for his ‘magic’ tricks, pulls a kitten off of the computer! Is this some software program or pure magic trick? What do you guys think? Let’s ... Continue Reading →