Caught red-handed

This kitty right here is so smart that when hunger pangs strike and the owner is not around, he has his way of finding his own meal by searching thru the kitten pantry. Will he be ... Continue Reading →

Working for treats.

Our feline pals are just astonishing, you never know what they are doing when left alone, or when treats are left sprawled even on a high chair! This kitty right here will do what ... Continue Reading →

A Cat’s Perspective

Hey Peeps.. I’m trying to increase awareness of my shelter pals worldwide!  Many of us are very smart and loving, we can do tricks for you too and love you unconditionally.. ... Continue Reading →

Mean Kitty Song.

Someone recently mentioned a cat song they heard about a kitten named Zaparta and said it was really funny and that there was a video about it on YouTube. I searched and I searched ... Continue Reading →

It’s a 60’s Beach Party

 Welcome to the 60’s style beach party for kittens. Do you remember the beach parties of those 60’s and 70’s movies where everybody seemed to be having so much fun ... Continue Reading →

The evolution of dish washers

Sixty year ago when growing up on a farm our cat helped wash dishes using just her tongue. There’s no doubt cats must be evolving and getting smarter. In this Video it now ... Continue Reading →

Intense Recovery

Pet owners know for a fact that cats possess an exceptional sense of balance, they walk the highest ledges, run along rooftops, or even perch on towering fences.  Their capability ... Continue Reading →

Didga – The skateboarding cat

Some cats are really a cut above the rest. Take for example the case of this cat right here. If you don’t know how to skateboard, then you need to watch Didga. Didga is a PRO ... Continue Reading →


This is a little unusual to say the least. The little chick does not seem  to mind being licked by the young kitten. There’s a spot there where it could get away if it wanted ... Continue Reading →

Cat performs odd ritual before drinking water.

Kitty has an unusual way of quenching his thirst. He would often perform a some sort of a ‘ritual’ before he drinks up water. Talk about a furry pal with OCD! I bet you ... Continue Reading →

Chimera cat with split face & odd eyes.

One look at Venus, you will know that she is special. Why? Simply because this cat has a split-face, where one half is solid black with a green eye and the other half has typical orange ... Continue Reading →

Sloppy Eater

How can messy be cute? Once you watch this video you will understand. I think they came up with a great title for this video – A Purrfect Mess. This adorable kitten is a sloppy ... Continue Reading →

Lady and Olivia

Sometimes rescued cats wait in shelters for months before being adopted. Sadly, of course, some never do. The story is a little different for these two siblings, Lady and Olivia. After ... Continue Reading →

For the love of cats

This man is a real true-blue cat lover, why? After rescuing cats which eventually accumulated to 15 in total, he never stops. What he did was the unthinkable! He converts his home’s ... Continue Reading →

Sweet surprise!

What would you think is the best way to surprise a cat lover? There are actually 101 things you can do to surprise any feline lover, but nothing can get closer to the best surprise ... Continue Reading →

Baby laughs at playful cat.

When the babysitter is out, the cat will play. This baby is quite amused with the cat that he can’t help himself but let out some infectious laughs as the playful cat toys around ... Continue Reading →

The duckling round up

When 3 tiny little kittens decide to round up four ducklings it makes for a fun video. Watch and you’ll understand why earlier viewers were saying things like this after they ... Continue Reading →

Cat begs and wipes face when eating.

Did you know that you can teach your cats tricks like you would your dogs? Yes, cats can be trained too. In this video, watch how a cat was trained how to ‘beg’ and ‘wipe’ ... Continue Reading →

‘Happy’ dance – cat version.

Having a bad day? Feeling a ‘lil bit under the weather? Well, don’t be! Life is full of blessings and all you have to do is find the ‘good’ in everything, be ... Continue Reading →

Ssshh…someone’s studying.

Cats are really amusing. Aside from being loyal feline pals, they keep you company and entertain you with their many tricks and antics, plus, they can do other things too. Uhm, how ... Continue Reading →