Cat stuck!

As you already know by now, cats love snug places. But, sometimes their habit can get them into trouble like this kitten right here in the video. His penchant for snug places get him ... Continue Reading →

Cute foster family cat

For a family to be complete, one has to have a mommy, daddy, and siblings. Although, this formula need not be absolute in some homes or societies. Like this cute foster family cat. They ... Continue Reading →

Heart-wrenching rescue

Don’t watch this rescue video without a tissue nearby. You will surely shed a tear or two once you see this heart-wrenching rescue of a poor kitten. The video was shot some time ... Continue Reading →

Case of getting used to…

This bunch of furballs are coming to terms with their surroundings, as they explore the places and things around them. There’s one thing that caught them off guard however. They ... Continue Reading →

Rescued by fido pal

A two-day old kitten who can barely open his eyes was abandoned by his mom. He was found by an unlikely hero – all covered in maggots! This is the sad story of Roscoe the poor ... Continue Reading →

Feeding time dilemma

If you are a certified cat owner and lover, you know for a fact how it is when feeding time is up for kitties. This can be both a delight and a dilemma. Especially, if you own several ... Continue Reading →

For the first time!

The first time is always deemed the sweetest. So, these kittens are doing things for the very first time. There is nothing as amazing and memorable as your first, right? Watch these ... Continue Reading →

Taming a feral tom cat

You might be wondering how can you tame a feral tom cat? This video and the creator will show you exactly how you can do it! Yes, there is nothing impossible. With a lot of patience ... Continue Reading →

Internet cat sensation

Meet Lil Bub, the internet cat sensation. Many people are wondering what is it with cats that they have reigned and won over the World Wide Web? Ever wonder what’s so charming ... Continue Reading →

Cute and annoying

Kittens by nature are so friendly and playful, regardless of their cat breed. They are so affectionate too and they want your attention all the time, except if they have new playmates ... Continue Reading →

A Talkative kitty!

This rescued kitty is a cut above the rest. Despite his small body frame, he is capable to let out a big noise and is very talkative. You haven’t seen a kitty ‘talk’ ... Continue Reading →

Of cats & kids

Cats and kids share a special bond like no other. Often times, you will find your cats growing old with your children. Nevertheless, you have to be careful with your cats as they can ... Continue Reading →

You’re feeding them wrong!

If you love your pet cat, you have to do everything to learn what you must do to keep them healthy and happy at all times! Simply feeding them is not enough, worse, you might be feeding ... Continue Reading →

Unhappy feline!

A visit to the vet, is not always a fun time for any feline. The same holds true for people. We all detest waiting on doctors and get our check-ups when needed. But, for cats it is ... Continue Reading →

Scared of random stuff!

If you are an avid cat lover and pet owner you know for a fact that cats are easily scared of random stuff. They easily get surprised by something weird. You will often see them scared ... Continue Reading →

Do cats grieve?

Do cats grieve? This is one big pressing question that we all want to know the answer to. Any signs that reveal if indeed cats grieve? In this video, we will help you know more about ... Continue Reading →

18 months later

It’s bad enough losing a cat as an adult. Just imagine how a child feels when their beloved pet goes missing. Here’s a wonderful story of a young lad being reunited with ... Continue Reading →

Mom’s to the rescue!

A curious kitty can’t get to climb a flight of stairs. Good thing, mommy cat is to the rescue. She will not leave her hapless, helpless baby kitten ever! Prepare to say – ... Continue Reading →

Sink lounger

Seems like someone is finding the weather too hot, and so to cool down he lounges in the sink! LOL, yes the sink of all places where it is cool and there’s moisture. His owner ... Continue Reading →


Meet the Serengeti cat. Sounds unusual but, this cat has been around for quite some time. The Serengeti cat is a long-legged domestic cat which is medium-boned. They come sporting short ... Continue Reading →