The page is all about sharing videos about felines. Please enjoy tonight’s post. Nylah and Bambu love jumping to catch toys. It seems like Bambu can jump a bit higher now. Please ... Continue Reading →

Drug Addiction

Check out this story about this cat that runs away from home and quietly enters his favorite pet store and then has the time of his life rolling around in all the catnip toys! Pure ... Continue Reading →

Ball Control

Watch this cute and fuzzy kitten playing with a tennis ball. I think we have a budding soccer player here. Just see how well kitty controls the ball. Pretty good footwork there for ... Continue Reading →

Burmese Breakfast Buffet

It’s a Burmese kitten breakfast. Adorable, talkative and drop dead gorgeous Burmese kittens. Here’s what one cat lover said about these little guys – They look like ... Continue Reading →

Hi-Wire Kitty

Sometimes kittens get themselves into predicaments where humans absolutely, positively have to come to their rescue. Here’s a perfect example. A kitten climbs out the window of ... Continue Reading →

Strange Discovery

Kittens are automatically attracted to strange and unusual items. For example, the straw sticking out of this drink can is enough to send this kitten into a search and discovery mode. ... Continue Reading →

Room for Me Too

Cats and cartons. We all know just how much cats seem to love playing in, on and even under cartons. These cats are determined to fill this carton to the very top and maybe beyond. ... Continue Reading →

Kittens & Droids

A new batch of robotic Droid toys has hit the street with the release of the new Star Wars movie. Check out this video of one of those droids confusing kittens. Watch and see as these ... Continue Reading →

Bad Cats

For every one of those cute internet cats, there’s a few felines being jerks. Whether they’re knocking stuff over or attacking people for no apparent reason, some cats ... Continue Reading →

Patty Cake

Two cats Playing Patty-cake, but what were they saying to each other. These enterprising guys took the now famous original video and dubbed it with some voice over of what the two ... Continue Reading →

Snow Play

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. It’s the same with cats. Just watch how much fun these cats are having playing in the snow. The cold does not seem to bother these cats but ... Continue Reading →

Saved by Litter Box

One of the most unusual ways for a cat’s life to be saved is by a litter box. This cat however, can credit the litter box and it’s own good thinking for saving it’s ... Continue Reading →

Rescued by Israeli Firefighters

After being rescued by Israeli Firefighters, the first thing this kitten wanted was a drink of water. Watch this video as the Firefighters extricate the poor kitten from within the ... Continue Reading →

What a Purrrr!

This cute 12 week old Ragdoll Siamese named Billie is definitely a Purring Machine. Once you listen to this kitty purr you will be thankful that you do not have to try and sleep in ... Continue Reading →

A Tale of 2 Castles

We all know how much cats love to play with cardboard boxes, don’t we. Well, here’s a novel video story of a couple of cats who eached received a gift of their very own ... Continue Reading →

Yellow Bed

Have a look at this Christmas present for Maru & Hana. This unusual yellow bed for the cats is the setting for this cute video.  If you have watched any of their Videos before ... Continue Reading →

Why I Love Cats

Here is a Video that will explain to you just why I love watching cats. I dare to say that all these reasons may apply to you and thousands and millions of other cat lovers too. Watch ... Continue Reading →

Noisy Kittens

Found this Video on YouTube but can’t believe that two young kittens can make this much noise. I want you to listen to this and let me know if you think the sounds are faked or ... Continue Reading →

Cat Killer

A twelve foot, 120lb Burmese Python who eats cats, has been caught in Florida. Be very thankful that you and your cats don’t live anywhere near where they caught this monster ... Continue Reading →

Feline Jumpers

Absolutely amazing compilation video of cats leaps, jumps and falls. Here’s a Video full of laughs and amazing stunts that you really must watch and enjoy if you like cats. There’s ... Continue Reading →