Want to walk in the water

Curiosity has several times killed a cat (albeit hypothetically). It has been tested and proven that cats are indeed curious creatures, and that they would never pass up on any available ... Continue Reading →

Cat meets bunny…

Cats are a sight to behold, especially if they do their curious stance. You will see their inquisitive faces and how they react if they sense something or are inspecting a thing. In ... Continue Reading →

Allow me to sleep!

Is your cat playful? Does he prevent you from getting ample sleep that you need at night? Does he demand more play time than he is supposed to? Do not worry, we have the answer for ... Continue Reading →

Social cats

Is your cat aloof and distant? Doesn’t want to socialize? Do you often see your cat alone even if there are other felines in your household? Do not worry, we have here some straightforward ... Continue Reading →

Training to walk on leash

Cats are generally independent, we hardly ever see them being walked on a leash. But, did you know that you can train your cat to walk on a leash? Exercise and mental stimulation are ... Continue Reading →

Loki and Lacey

Lacey interrupts Loki’s playtime. The lighting for this Video gives them that look of ‘Demon Eyes’. Watch and see how they glow in the light. The cat’s owner ... Continue Reading →

Reunited with Triton…

This is a happy reunion tale of Clyde the cat and his best friend Triton, the German Shepherd. Clyde went missing for 12 days, and Triton was so depressed and in despair. He seem lost ... Continue Reading →

Don’t do that!

Tigger is one jealous kitty. He always want all the attention of his human to be given to him alone and no one else. When there are other animals around that his humans are playful with, ... Continue Reading →

Cutest kittens ever!

If you love cats, you will love kittens all the more! Watch this video compilation and prepare to say ‘Awwww…’ at the ending. People who viewed the video couldn’t ... Continue Reading →

Hero kitty saved baby!

This long-haired tabby cat should be hailed a hero! He did the unthinkable, when humans should have been there fending for their little human. But, they neglected their duty, and so ... Continue Reading →

Meowing and Talking

These kittens are so cute meowing and talking like they are busy having some chitchats with each other. You will surely melt with the cuteness and sweetness while watching this super ... Continue Reading →

Cat meets baby….

This is a cute video of the home cat meeting the baby for the very first time. You will see his reaction. It was a funny and amusing first time encounter. Their human shared: This is ... Continue Reading →

Certified water lovers!

If you think cats can’t swim and are aqua phobic, think again! This video disproves all the negative notions and misconceptions you have of cats and water. For our feline pals ... Continue Reading →

Sweet bengal surprise!

A delightful surprise comes when you least expect it. Like this cute and adorable tiny Bengal kitten.  Surprisingly a man found this one in his home. You will see the Bengal kitten ... Continue Reading →

Kitten meets hedgehog

This is the first meeting of the kitten Loki and the pet hedgehog Harley. Loki is just two and a half months. Their human shared: Our hedgehog Harley plays with our FRIEND’S (not ... Continue Reading →

Standing up to the dog!

Nothing can shock this kitten as he is up for any challenge, even if it means standing up to the fierce big dog in front of him! LOL You surely won’t believe this brave kitten! If ... Continue Reading →

Kitty hoarding…

What you will see next is a shocking video of cat hoarding in Wyoming. This is really appalling and disturbing! Viewer discretion is highly advised. A total of 150 cats were rescued ... Continue Reading →

Baby meows for mommy!

Each day, cats act more and more like us humans. Even their kittens, act like our babies! Take for instance the case of this super cute baby kitten meowing because mama cat is not there. Brace ... Continue Reading →

Friendly stray kitty

This is the most adorable and friendliest stray cat you will ever see. Because he would often come near the man who would feed him, he melted the heart of the man who took him in, finally ... Continue Reading →

Testing the waters…

Being curious is an innate personality trait of cats. In order to satisfy their curiosity, they would explore the world around them. And so, things at home are not exempt from their ... Continue Reading →