A one of a kind love affair…

This is the one of a kind love story between Frankie and Sadie. Frankie the cat, and Sadie the bulldog pup. From the moment they saw each other, the two of them have become inseparable! You ... Continue Reading →

Kitty saw panda getting treats, he demands one too!

Aside from being curious creatures, cats have distinct behaviors and personality that you as a cat owner ought to know by now. Unknown to you, your cats possess traits that you do ... Continue Reading →

I have to get into that recycle bin!

You know for a fact that cats really really love tight and snug places. This cat is no exception, in fact he would do anything to get into the place he wanted to be in – the recycle ... Continue Reading →

Grooming Persians 101

Cleaning and grooming your Persian cats take a lot of time, patience, and the right technique of doing it. A grooming salon made the task easy for you as they come up with an instructional ... Continue Reading →

The joys of being a cat dad…

For the true blue cat lover, there is nothing more wonderful in this world that being a cat parent. If you are cat parent, for sure you can attest to this fact. One budding cat dad ... Continue Reading →

Peek-a-boo kitty!

This is a peek-a-boo kitty. He loves to play the game and surprise his humans. What’s funny about this kitty is his facial expression when doing the ‘peek-a-boo’ thing. Enjoy ... Continue Reading →

I can’t fight this feeling anymore!

Whenever his human tries to rub and tickle this furbaby’s belly, he fights it with some seriously cute gestures. You will surely melt for this cuteness overload! Take a look at ... Continue Reading →

One giant playful fluff!

Ever seen a fluffy kitty? No, I mean the fluffiest kitty? If not, then this is the fluffiest footage you will ever see! Turn up the volume and watch this playful goof ball right here ... Continue Reading →

I love my teddy to bits!

Mimi the cat is a Russian Siberian kitten. She loves to play with her new-found toy, a stuffed black teddy bear. She would often hug it, play with it and clean it, as she continues ... Continue Reading →

An ingenious water cooler for kitty!

An engineer decided to create something unique and ingenious for kitty. Will kitty appreciate this genius piece of art? What do you guys think? Well, let’s all have a quick look ... Continue Reading →

Rescued tiny ginger kitty found a loving forever home!

This itty bitty tiny baby kitten was found all by himself, crying for help, all alone on the truck bed. His mummy kitty is nowhere to be found. Poor kitty was abandoned… Please ... Continue Reading →

Adorable kitten tells human how he loves belly rub!

If you are a cat lover, you know for a fact that kittens love belly rubs. They love it and they can’t get enough of having one. But, have you ever come across a kitten who shows ... Continue Reading →

I need privacy pls., don’t disturb!

Like us humans, our kitty counterparts want their privacy too. And the moment they needed it,  they make sure they don’t get disturbed ever! Like this kitty right here, he demands ... Continue Reading →

Cute as a button kittens getting bottle-fed!

Breast-feeding is one fulfilling activity that every Mama cat experiences. Aside from being a must and healthy option of feeding for the kittens, it assures the bond between the mother ... Continue Reading →

Cute tabby kitties sleeping over one another!

There are instances in our lives that we can’t simply put words into, to describe the exact feelings we were having the moment it happened. This is simply one of those instances ... Continue Reading →

Wild cat discovers camera for the first time…

Pallas wild cat at the wildlife park discovers the camera right outside his den for the very first time and he decides to zero on in it and check it out. Curiosity is indeed innate ... Continue Reading →

Dramatic change in rescued kitten, thanks hero rescuers!

Elusive kitten finally found trust and affection through the help of her hero rescuers who found her in a car engine and gave her a forever home at their fire station.  These hero ... Continue Reading →

Tornado victim finds cat!

A devastating and destructive tornado struck Alabama. People lost homes, properties, and lives during that fateful event. A tornado victim was in the middle of a TV news interview, ... Continue Reading →

Black cat trains human how to fold boxes!

Kuro Neko (Black Cat in Japanese) helps this company teach their valued customers how to fold shipping boxes. Cats are indeed experts when it comes to cardboard boxes, this kitty shows ... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the feline igloo!

This cat owner spent hours upon hours in making this snow cat igloo for the love of his pet cats. The cat appears to be enjoying the season and their newly created feline igloo! We ... Continue Reading →