Must-haves For Your New Kitten

Wow, you finally have a new kitten, congratulations! Now, what? Having a kitten entails some obligations on your part. Do you know the things you have to have (aside from cat food, ... Continue Reading →

Train Them To Be Friendly

Did you know that you can train your kittens to be friendly? Yes, you can! All you have to do is play with them and handle them a lot. You can even make them friendly by introducing ... Continue Reading →

From Feral To Friendly

Cats much like other pets can be trained, domesticated, and they are pretty smart that they easily catch up. Yes, you can train a cat. If you haven’t seen a cat trained to do ... Continue Reading →

Didga – The skateboarding cat

Some cats are really a cut above the rest. Take for example the case of this cat right here. If you don’t know how to skateboard, then you need to watch Didga. Didga is a PRO ... Continue Reading →

Cute Copier

Sometimes the training of a kitten by the Mama cat is caught on tape. This is one of those tapes. Super cute kitten’s class today is personal grooming and the kitten is following ... Continue Reading →

Maine Coon Charlie

Charlie the Main Coon has learned to do a bunch of tricks since she was rescued. This little show off is going to perform 7 tricks in just 1 minute on this Video. Charlie is a 4-year ... Continue Reading →

Beg and you shall receive.

Taro knows the way to get the things that he truly wants. How? He begs for them… Who would not melt to this kitty who knows how to politely ask for whatever it is that he needs? Here ... Continue Reading →