Communicate with treats

Communicating with your cats can be made easy with the aid of their favorite treats. You can even train them almost every trick imaginable with the help of cat treats they love. Here ... Continue Reading →

The most patient furball ever!

Meet Bosn, this is the most patient and docile cat you will ever come across. He is the apple of the eye of his human sister. When play time is up for his human little sister, she would ... Continue Reading →

Super cute persian begging & wiping face!

Cooper is one well-behaved and courteous kitty, you might ask why? Well, because he wipes his face after his cat meals and he is so cute while doing this! His humans bought a clicker ... Continue Reading →

It’s bed time!!!

This fluffy furball functions on voice command, I mean – really! You might say – how come? Well, kitty is programmed and trained to do certain things. Check the furball ... Continue Reading →

Learning how to walk…

Learning how to walk is one of the most crucial motor skills that every one of us must learn including our feline counterparts. By learning how to walk, we get to go to places, and ... Continue Reading →

How to solve the most common cat behavior problems?

Among the prevailing cat behavior problems are mouthing and scratching during play, clawing of furniture, and peeing outside their litter-box. But, do you know you can remedy all 3 ... Continue Reading →

An amazing biking adventure with Didga!

Didga is a world-renown kitty with amazing skateboarding skills. But, today he tries something new with his human daddy. He will be out for a some radical biking adventure for a change! His ... Continue Reading →

Obedient cat closes door when prompted…

This kitty is very obliging. And would always follow his humans lead whenever he is told to close the door. Watch closely how this cat follows obediently. No need for further cat training ... Continue Reading →

Ohagi – wiggles & pounces!

Ohagi is a Japanese cat. He likes to play tricks with his owner. Although not that sweet or playful, Ohagi has his own fair share of antics and he prefers playing wiggle and pounce! As ... Continue Reading →

Incredible bengal cat does dog tricks and more.

Bengal cats are not typically this smart, but Kizzy is exceptional, as she can do tricks only dogs can. But, with the right training and patience, Kizzy was able to master dog tricks ... Continue Reading →

Newborn kitten care

The first few weeks of a baby kitten’s life is very critical. Without the mother to nurse and take care of it, the work is made all the more difficult. But, do not worry. We have ... Continue Reading →

Stray kittens respond to whistle

If you want to train cats, you have to teach them early. The positive and early reinforcement will surely go a very long way. This video shows you exactly this. In this video, watch ... Continue Reading →

Walking the kitten!

You might not know it nor discovered it yet, but cats love toys too! This cat in particular love this newfound pet toy right here that he walked all over the house. Does your pet cat ... Continue Reading →

Train your cats to become friendly.

Don’t you love having friendly kittens? Those types that are easy going and fun to be with? Don’t worry because you can always turn any kitten into becoming a friendly cat ... Continue Reading →

Stop your cat from scratching your furniture.

Cats have some nasty habits that can send any pet owner ballistic, one is the predominant – scratching. Scratching can cause damage to your home, ruin your furniture, and scratch ... Continue Reading →

Must-haves For Your New Kitten

Wow, you finally have a new kitten, congratulations! Now, what? Having a kitten entails some obligations on your part. Do you know the things you have to have (aside from cat food, ... Continue Reading →

Train Them To Be Friendly

Did you know that you can train your kittens to be friendly? Yes, you can! All you have to do is play with them and handle them a lot. You can even make them friendly by introducing ... Continue Reading →

From Feral To Friendly

Cats much like other pets can be trained, domesticated, and they are pretty smart that they easily catch up. Yes, you can train a cat. If you haven’t seen a cat trained to do ... Continue Reading →

Didga – The skateboarding cat

Some cats are really a cut above the rest. Take for example the case of this cat right here. If you don’t know how to skateboard, then you need to watch Didga. Didga is a PRO ... Continue Reading →

Cute Copier

Sometimes the training of a kitten by the Mama cat is caught on tape. This is one of those tapes. Super cute kitten’s class today is personal grooming and the kitten is following ... Continue Reading →