Essential warmth.

It’s important to keep our cats warm and safe during the winter months.  Many cats are brought to emergency rooms every winter due to exposure to very cold temperatures. It’s ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Major birth defect overcome

A terrible birth defect afflicted this poor cat. The cat was born with no eye lids. This would be such a sad story if it were not for the goodness and generosity of people like Roxy ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – The cat’s favorite toothbrush.

How do you get this many cats this interested in a tooth brush Why, turn it on of course. Have you ever tried to brush your cats teeth with an electric toothbrush? You may be very ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Little known things you need to know about Sphynx cats.

Sphynx Cats otherwise known as felus catus, are known to have originated from Canada and Egypt. The Sphynx is a breed of cat developed through selective breeding starting in the 1960s, ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Born to be cute.

  Cute young kitten discovers how to turn fluffy lined shoe in very comfortable bed. Once the kitten discovers the shoe it’s first objective is to climb in and get as comfortable ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Keeping Orphaned Kittens Clean.

Keeping Orphaned Kittens Clean. A kitten orphaned at a young age without a Mama cat to teach it how important it is to keep clean, will need some specialty bathing on a regular basis. ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO]- Dog acts as cat’s midwife.

Here’s a scene that you may never see repeated again. The family’s puppy provides help to their cat during her litter’s birthing process. The dog seemed to sense ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Watch how Bobo enjoys being vacuumed

Watch how Bobo enjoys being vacuumed. This Video shows just how much Bobo likes to be vacuumed. My cats disappear as soon as the vacuum comes out. They don’t even wait around ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – The danger of fleas to young kittens

General Cat Health: Today’s Topic – The danger of fleas to young kittens. Little kittens can develop a life threatening anemia from fleas. This Video by Expert: Brittney ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Freaked out cat refuses to have a bath.

This cat knows how to say ‘no’ when he doesn’t want a bath. When you absolutely, positively have to give your cat a bath because of engine oil on it’s fur, there’s ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Kitty clearly doesn’t want to have a bath.

This kitty knows how to insist on his rights. Clearly, he doesn’t want to have a bath! That distinct body language says all that. LOL! Known as independent and intelligent animals ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – How to litter train your kitty.

Often, a kitten’s mom will not teach her kitten to potty train and use the litter box. So, that means you will have to do this task. Training your cat to use the litter is not ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Kitty goes to Dentist.

Meet Aslan a white lion that lost two of his vital canine teeth a little over a year ago. Being a lion has been a challenge ever since. This is the story of how we helped him get his ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Symptoms of Common Cat Health Issues.

Symptoms of Common Cat Health Issues. Some of the most common health issues our kitty cats face usually show up with symptoms like the ones discussed in this Video by Dr. Carolyn Quagliata. ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – How 35lb. Tiny Tim is losing weight for his health’s sake.

A new year’s resolution to make Tiny Tim lose weight seems to be working. This Video was posted up on YouTube as an inspiration for both cat owners and humans to lose weight. ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Do It Yourself Raw Food Diet For Cats.

Do It Yourself Raw Food Diet For Cats. The benefits of feeding our cats a raw food diet are becoming more and more widespread every day. Many Vets agree that this is a far more natural ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Cat grooming – clean your cat’s eyes, nose, & ears the right way.

Cat’s by nature are meticulous groomers, if they are doing nothing, you’d often find them licking their body which btw, is their own cleaning mechanism. But, if you are ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Cat flea control for your furry babies.

One of the most annoying and persistent problems you may encounter as a pet owner with respect your furry babies, be it a cat or a dog is fleas. If you love your pet, this is one problem ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Cat cancer awareness for pet owners.

The month of May is regarded as National Pet Cancer Awareness Month in the US. A total of 6,000,000 cats will get their diagnosis for the big ‘C.’ The figures are bit overwhelming, ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Here’s the right way of bathing your cat.

  Despite the fact that cats can be fastidious groomers, there will be times when they really need to take a bath. Like when they get into something really dirty or sticky, their ... Continue Reading →