Kitty separation anxiety

Some cats are clingy. Some cats have separation anxiety. This is what we will try to tackle and help address in this particular post. Does your cat act weird every time you leave the ... Continue Reading →

Cat knows sign language.

Chico is a kitty with very special needs, he is totally deaf and cannot hear the normal conversations owners have with their pets. But, he has never been allowed to feel different ... Continue Reading →

When kitty can’t get clean by herself.

On rare occasions some cats need to be bathed to clean what kitty can’t remove herself. Bathing your cat is one of the basic cat cares you have to master if you are a pet owner. ... Continue Reading →

Kitty bath!

These Sphynx cats do not detest water. They are simply a cut above the rest! While so many cats are afraid of the water, these kitties delight in having a bath. The owner of these two ... Continue Reading →

You’re feeding them wrong!

If you love your pet cat, you have to do everything to learn what you must do to keep them healthy and happy at all times! Simply feeding them is not enough, worse, you might be feeding ... Continue Reading →

360 degree Pet Washer

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Set up your cat litter box…

Are you having problems setting up your cat litter box and adding it in your home? Do not worry, we will teach you how you can set up your cat litter box the right way today. Did you ... Continue Reading →

All About Maine Coon Kitten Adoption

Are you lооkіng for a Mаіnе Cооn Kіttеn Adoption? Mаkе a саt thе рrіоrіtу whеn you аrе looking fоr that perfect fеlіnе. With a Kitten Adорtіоn, you gеt ... Continue Reading →

Your Growing Kitty – A Cat Supplies Checklist For Your Kitten

Pets аrе thе most lоvаblе creatures thаt happen tо уоu, аnd аѕ a pet раrеnt, іt bесоmеѕ utmоѕt іmроrtаnt tо tаkе the bеѕt care of them. Whеthеr іt ... Continue Reading →

Pretty Deadly for Your Cat: 8 Toxic Plants

Houseplants and gorgeous gardens are the pride of many homeowners. We spend hours and lots of money selecting the perfect plant, tilling the soil and helping them to flourish. Plants ... Continue Reading →

Should I have two cats?

The ultimate question right at the moment is – should you, or should you not? If faced with the dilemma of getting two cats in a small apartment, we suggest you watch this expert’s ... Continue Reading →

Stop toilet training

If you think cat training is cool, wait until you hear from this cat expert. Cat expert Jackson Galaxy shares his thoughts and expert opinion surrounding toilet training your cat. Jackson ... Continue Reading →

My cat is sick!

So, your kitty got sick. What to do now? If your cat is acting weird, vomiting, or pooping excessively, it is confirmed, your cat is sick. Expert cat owner Jackson Galaxy shows you ... Continue Reading →

The Ragamuffin

Owning a pet cat comes with responsibilities, you as an owner are obliged to take care of your cat, nurture it, and look after it’s well-being all the time. But, to be able to ... Continue Reading →

Sam or Samantha

Identifying Kitty’s Gender. When you have very young kittens, it can be quite difficult to tell whether one is a boy or a girl. A very common question for owners of new kittens ... Continue Reading →

Long haired cat grooming

One of the obligations of pet owners is to ensure that their beloved cats get the grooming and health care that they need. With the right care and grooming, you can be assured that ... Continue Reading →

Grooming Persians 101

Cleaning and grooming your Persian cats take a lot of time, patience, and the right technique of doing it. A grooming salon made the task easy for you as they come up with an instructional ... Continue Reading →

Kitten rescued from child

In this Video you will see a Mama cat decide it may be wise to take her little kitten away from this toddler. The child is not happy about that decision,  but Mama gently extracts ... Continue Reading →

Mommy cat’s dilemma during meal time!

  Every meal time, mommy cat Cate gets swamped by these furbabies! Whenever mommy cat calls for meal time, her hungry kittens would come to ravage her and there is no way she can ... Continue Reading →

The right way to bathe kitty.

We always have our own respective ways of caring for our feline babies. But, did you know the right way to bathe your kitty? Marmalade, his stunt double and his human dad will show ... Continue Reading →